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Dirty Domino’s kitchen in Bengaluru captured on camera, customers shocked

The scene at Domino's kitchen (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@sahilkarnany)

Photos of a dirty kitchen of a Domino’s restaurant in Bengaluru posted on social media by a customer has come as a major embarrassment for the global fast-food chain. 

Domino’s customer Sahil Karnany uploaded two pictures on Twitter showing cleaning mops and brushes used for cleaning floors and other dirty counters hanging just above trays of pizza dough in the kitchen from where food goes directly to customers in the restaurant,

Clothes employees are also seen hanging on the wall just above the trays containing the raw material used to make Pizzas.

Sahil Karnany wrote on Twitter: "This is how @dominos_india serves us fresh Pizza! Very disgusted. Location: Bangalore".

Domino's appears to have been caught on the back foot. It issued a statement saying that the company has zero tolerance for violations of their operating standards and the incident would be "thoroughly investigated".