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Delhi’s Connaught Place has a new icon – an elderly flutist who plays to touch people’s hearts!

Playing music not for money but to touch hearts!

It is rare to see anybody in this world do anything for anyone without any expectation! Yet there are exceptions and one such is an elderly man who plays soulful flute at New Delhi’s Connaught Place.


This man’s harmonious rendition has been posted on Twitter by Awanish Sharan with the caption: “Believe me, He is a great Artist. Connaught Place, Delhi.” His music is sweet and serene.

The best part is that the person is not playing for any gain rather the placard beside him says it all. It reads: “I just want to touch your soul with the help of music.”

Many people take a break and listen to the soothing music and then before leaving, place some money next to the person.