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Curbed in China, Falun Gong meditation gains ground in Kerala

Representational image. The art of meditation, Falun Gong which was found in China is now becoming popular in Kerala (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@InFalun)

Suppressed in China, the art of meditation, Falun Gong or Falun Dafa, is taking roots in India, especially in Kerala.

This art aims to enable practitioners to become spiritual through practice of a set of exercises and meditation while also targeting their overall well-being. It was found in China in the early 1990s by Li Hongzhi.

A 64-year-old housewife in Kerala, Bhavani Odatt, is making people aware of this meditation and for this she has translated “Zhuan Falun”, the most comprehensive book authored by the movement’s founder Hongzhi, to Malayalam.

Another Bengaluru-based admirer and practitioner Jose Johny has translated “Falun Gong”, another seminal book by the founder into Malayalam for those wishing to learn the art.

Speaking to the media Odatt said she was introduced to this art by her son and claimed that it has benefitted both physically and mentally, especially after her business had received several setbacks.

Sharing details about the art she said that it aims to bring about a change in mindset, as the purest of thoughts alone can usher in positivity among people.

There are four standing and one sitting exercises in Falun Gong that aim to open up energy meridians within the body and link up with the cosmic energy. Its philosophy is drawn from Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian principles.

Interestingly, all the training of Falun Gong is provided free of cost including both offline and online platforms. Besides, materials for reading and reference too are available on the net.

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