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Caught on Camera: Train driver busy on smartphone crashes into another train on same track

Screengrab from the video showing woman driver on smartphone slams another train

A video posted on social media shows a woman driving a train and at the same time using her smartphone. Because she is so engrossed in her mobile phone she fails to see that there is another train in front on the same track. 

By the time she looks up from the phone she is already too close to the train blocking the train and taken completely by surprise. She then frantically starts slamming the brakes to halt the train but it is too late and she crashes into the train ahead.

The video also shows an injured passenger lying on the floor of the train compartment.

The video was posted on Twitter by CCTV Idiots, a handle that highlights careless acts by people caught on camera. The train incident took place in Russia in October 2019.