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Caught on Camera: Bengaluru man who showered currency notes from flyover arrested

Screengrab from the video showing Anchor Arun throwing money from flyover in Bengaluru

The man who became a major draw on social media as he was filmed showering currency notes from a flyover in Bengaluru’s City Market area has been identified. He is Arun aka Anchor Arun, a resident of Nagarbhavi, who as per police claims to be a motivational speaker, business coach and running a YouTube channel.


Dressed in a suit and with a wall clock hanging around his neck, Arun stopped his two-wheeler on the flyover and took out a paper bag. He then proceeded to pull out currency notes and started throwing them from the flyover.

When people realised it, there was a ruckus and they started running around to grab the money. Commuters on the flyover also stopped and ran after him.

With the video becoming viral, the City Market cops got into action and traced him. He informed that he had thrown an amount of Rs.3,000 and that he will reveal later the reason for his actions. He has been booked for causing obstruction and danger on public way and creating a nuisance.