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Andhra’s handless artist hits fame as she draws vivid portraits with mouth

Swapnika making a portrait of a film star

Swapnika is a talented artist with a difference — she draws and paints with her mouth! She was forced to do so when her hands were severed following a terrible accident in 2007 when she touched a high-voltage electric wire in Hyderabad.

Undeterred by the tragedy, when she was in Class IX, she learnt to hold the pencil in her mouth and went on to create more than 100 portraits, including that of popular film stars.

Today this artist from Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, is the toast of social media as her videos showing her sketching of her favourite Telugu actors and others has gone viral.

Recently she sketched portraits of Indian Administrative Officer Smita Sabharwal and popular singer Mika.

Swapnika who has finished her graduation also makes interesting and lively videos which she posts on her Twitter.

Despite her own disability, during Covid-19 pandemic she went around helping others. She used a part of the money she got by selling portraits made by her to help those in need.

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