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Amusement centre at Vijayawada’s Rajiv Gandhi Park draws visitors in thousands

The amusement centre in Rajiv Gandhi Park, Vijayawada offers visitors varied facilities and options to enjoy

The amusement park created by the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation in the Rajiv Gandhi Park has proved to be a great attraction for the local people and tourists alike. On weekdays it draws 2,000 visitors while on weekends the numbers soar to 6,000

VMC had created the amusement park with the aim of providing a pleasant and safe place for their entertainment. With this in view they developed about one acre of the RGP which is spread over 6.5 acres in Public and Private Partnership mode at cost of Rs.6.56 crores.

The amusement park is divided into four zones offering visitors a plethora of entertainment rides, adventure rides, entertainment and refreshments, and VMC infrastructure. The entertainment section offers 11 options which include dashing cars, mini train, stop play and Toradora rides while the adventure zone provides people with adventure rides like trampoline, ropeway or zipline, and rock climbing to enjoy.

For those wanting to play cricket, there is a net practice facility also available.

The food court offers varied dishes to people while there is a fish pedicure outlet too.

VMC has ensured that the whole area looks scenic by landscaping it and including water plants, bonsai gardens, and musical fountains in the area.

To make their visit comfortable and easy, online ticket system has been introduced whereby people can pay for entry, parking and charges for the amusement and adventure rides.