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85-year-old Nanaji from Gujarat buys his first car after launching a successful start-up!

Successful entrepreneurs: Radha Krishan Choudhary and his wife Shakuntala Choudhary

At an age when people hang up their boots and watch the day go by, 85-year-old Radha Krishan Choudhary from Gujarat, who is fondly called Nanaji, has taken a complete U turn. He launched a start-up with his wife Shakuntala (79) in June last year which has become a success and also bought his life’s first car!

The couple’s ayurvedic hair care company, Avimee Herbal, does business online and sells hair oil. Choudhary started doing research about hair care products after his daughter suffered from hair loss. He did a lot of study and hours of researching and after a few trials and errors and passage of a year, he came up with a mixture that would take care of hair loss. The hair oil was made from 50 herbs including olive, kalonji, coconut, and more.

Like any good researcher, he first tried the oil on himself and when he found it worked, his wife too used it and found it helpful.

Recalling how it all started, Choudhary said: “My daughter, now my business partner, suffered from severe hair loss and asked me to find a cure. After studying the subject for almost a year, I made a concoction of herbal oils that helped my daughter reduce hair fall and improve the texture of her hair.”

Following the success of his business, Choudhary went on to achieve two more milestones – he bought a car at the age of 85 and started a factory for his company.

According to Choudhary self-belief, hard work and teamwork all have played a role in making all this possible.