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13-foot-long King Cobra rescued from Ghat Road in Andhra Pradesh

Snake-catcher Venkatesh who caught and released the 13-foot-long King Cobra (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@DDNewsAndhra)

The much-feared venomous King Cobra easily scares people and when it is 13-foot-long, it is bound to create a panic. In Andhra Pradesh one such reptile was caught three days ago when it entered a palm oil plantation.

Reported by the Doordarshan News Andhra, the channel stated that the reptile had been located on May 8 by Saidaro, a farmer. In their tweet they said: “On Sunday, a 13-foot-tall Kodetrachu (king cobra) entered the of a farmer named Saidarao near Ghat Road in the zone.”

The farmer immediately got in touch with a snake-catcher Venkatesh who is associated with the Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society. The channel went on to add: “After a while, Venkatesh reached the plantation and…cunningly caught the king cobra. It was then put in a gunny bag and left in the Vantlamamidi forest area.”

A similar incident had taken place in July 2020 in Narasipuram village in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu when the State Forest Department caught a 15-foot cobra and later released it in the Siruvani forest area.

King Cobra – the world’s longest venomous snake is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of threatened species since 2010. The reptile can grow up to 18.5 feet long. They are generally found in the Western Ghats, West Bengal and the Terai region in India.

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