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Will the truce mediated by the Haqqani network between Imran Khan and TTP last?

Pakistan PM Imran Khan.

The Imran Khan government entered into  another Faustian bargain with the banned militant outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

The deal materialised only after the Pakistani government released more than 100 TTP fighters including top commanders.

“Both sides will observe a month-long ceasefire from Nov 9 until Dec 9. The ceasefire will be extended with the consensus of the two sides,” TTP spokesman Mohammad Khorasani said in a statement. The TTP also thanked the interior minister of Taliban regime Sirajuddun Haqqani who also heads the one of most dreaded militant Haqqani Network.

The statement said that the TTP is an Islamic Jihadi Movement comprising Pakistani people that has always kept the interest of the country supreme. Now two sides have agreed to form negotiation teams which will take the process forward.

“If Pakistan’s government reaches an agreement with the TTP and it stays intact, it will be Sirajuddin Haqqani's greatest service to Pakistan so far,” says Ihsanullah Tipu Mehsud, a Pakistani journalist referring to Haqqani’s ties with the Pakistani military establishment.

While Imran Khan and his government “happy” with yet another deal, Pakistani people and

opposition parties crying foul over the  “secret” agreement made with the terrorist outfit.

Questions are being raised whether prime minister Imran Khan had the right to "beg" the group responsible for the deaths of Pakistan Army soldiers and the students of Army Public School Peshawar without taking Pakistani people into confidence.

“It is not a secret that TTP wants to initiate a cease fire contingent upon release of hundreds of their combatants. That is just the opposite of what Imran Khan told the Turkish TV. Imran gave an impression that TTP would surrender, renounce violence and follow our constitution,” says journalist Murtaza Solangi in his post on Twitter.

“Imran Khan, before starting negotiations with the outlawed TTP you should take the families of martyrs into confidence. We will not forget our martyrs, we will not allow anyone to talk with our murderers,” says one post on Twitter.

According to Pakistani experts, such a deal does not serve Pakistan’s national interests and it will not work because the TTP, like before, is unlikely to abide by its terms. The deal will allow it to regroup, reorganise, rearm, and bolster its capacity for death and destruction. Pakistan has previously negotiated at least a half dozen “peace deals'' with the TTP. Every single one failed.

They warn that Sirajuddin Haqqani’s push for the deal was for his own benefits. Haqqani needs support from the TTP and Pakistani army to fight against ISIS-K in Afghanistan.

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