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Wife of Khalistani preacher Amritpal fails to leave India for third time, Kirandeep stopped at Delhi Airport

Fugitive radical preacher Amritpal Singh’s wife Kirandeep Kaur

Khalistani radical Amritpal Singh’s wife Kirandeep Kaur today made a third attempt to allegedly flee to England but was stopped by immigration officials at Delhi Airport. She is currently being questioned at the airport. Prior to today, Kaur reportedly had tried to ‘flee’ on July 14 as well from Delhi.

While further details are yet to be revealed, sources claim that Kaur who is a UK citizen was trying to board a flight to England when she was stopped by the authorities and sent back after questioning. Prior to this it was in April that she had tried to leave the country from Amritsar airport. She was then questioned for three hours and was let off.

Sources claim that Kirandeep’s travel plans were allegedly connected to an upcoming ceremony honouring slain Khalistani Sikh leader Avtar Singh Khanda who died under mysterious circumstances in a hospital in the UK. Khanda was reported as mentor of Amritpal Singh who was arrested in March and is lodged in Assam’s Dibrugarh jail along with others under the National Security Act (NSA). With his downfall and worldwide crackdown on Khalistanis by Indian agencies, the baffled Khalistanis are trying to gain out of investment made on Amritpal by now projecting Kaur as the new face. It is being alleged that she was due to reach the UK and deliver inflammatory speeches at this event.

Kaur has called this a sheer harassment claiming that she was just trying to visit family and had abided by the norms set for her foreign travel. She said that she was abiding by the legal requirement of her citizenship to make an entry in the UK within 180 days. She said that she had consulted law agencies before booking tickets and was told it was ok for her to leave after July 18 but was taken by surprise when stopped today also. Kaur insists that there is no lookout notice or similar document to stop her in India and she had no idea about Khanda or his last rites.

Meanwhile, speaking to Indianarrative.com, one of the security agency officials said, “Situation is volatile there. Khalistanis spent huge amounts making Amritpal ready and planting him in India and network expansion. They now want to rekindle their lost cause by using her as a face to gather sympathy”.

Kaur had married Waris Punjab De supremo Amritpal in February this year and remained in news ever since. There were reports of domestic violence and Singh’s alleged adultery. Following Punjab police’s crackdown on Amritpal and on his Khalistani group, her role has been under scanner.