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What the mainstream media doesn’t tell you

The Western mainstream media is full of stories about hate crimes against women, Islamophobia, etc. The liberal establishment is so much enamored with the idea of Muslim victimhood that it hates to see—and the MSM ensures that others don’t see—that Muslims are also aggressors in many cases. For instance, no big media house reported the ordeal Alicia Clarke of St. Louis, Missouri, underwent.

Robert Spencer reported (https://www.jihadwatch.org/2020/03/st-louis-hassan-is-15-and-has-a-license-to-commit-crimes) in jihadwatch.org, “Hassan is a Muslim migrant from Somalia. He lives in St. Louis. He is fifteen years old and six feet tall. He has broken into his neighbor’s home three times. He has attacked that neighbor and stabbed her in the head with a screwdriver. He has broken into another neighbor’s house as well. But even after all that, he walked free. You see, Hassan reportedly has an IQ of 49, which means he is incompetent to stand trial, which in St. Louis (and no doubt elsewhere) means that he can walk around loose and victimize whomever he wants. On top of that, he is a Somali Muslim migrant. To be tougher on him would be ‘Islamophobic’.”

Spencer rightly wrote, “The current system is the handiwork of Leftist practitioners of identity politics who, quite simply, value Hassan more than they do Alicia Clarke, because he is black and she is white, and because he is a Muslim and she is not, and because he is a migrant and she is an American. The architects and guardians of the current system don’t care that after Alicia Clarke was savagely beaten and stabbed by Hassan, he walked free.”

No violent criminal, Muslim or non-Muslim, black or white, Asian or American, should walk free. But it doesn’t help when felony committed by Muslims is downplayed, and against them is magnified a million times. Just Google ‘hate crimes Muslims,’ and you get thousand posts. But few reported the attack on Clarke; and even that report didn’t mention the faith of the attacker. And any action against Muslim criminals is often seen as a product of racial bias.

This attitude resulted in the sexual grooming of about 19,000 children in England in 2018; this has been called an “epidemic.” It was not that the police and the authorities never knew about young kids molested and raped by pedophiles; but they often refused to act because the overwhelming number of culprits were Muslims, many of them of Pakistani origin.

Sammy Woodhouse, a victim who helped expose the scandal, told The Independent: “You hear this bulls*** line, ‘lessons have been learned’, but they haven’t learned anything.”

She added, “I still hear a lot about the authorities aren’t doing things as they should. It’s not very often I hear something good and for all different reasons—if the police won’t act on reports, people feel they’re not being listened to or supported properly, or information not being shared.”

But the problem with the police is that if they act promptly, the liberal media and human rights activists, most of them Left-leaning, raise a stink. It happens in the West; it happens in India. Left-liberals seem to have a soft corner for the most unconscionable and egregious characters—jihadists, terrorists, Maoists, pedophiles, et al..