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Watch: Braveheart Surfer saves heroic lifeguard trapped in rough sea after rescue mission

Screengrab from the video.

A lifeguard at a beach in Brazil dived into the sea to save people from drowning during a water sports tournament but after completing his rescue mission, he could not exit the water as the sea suddenly turned very rough.

The video shows huge waves battering him back as he tries to climb up a rocky shore to exit the water. 

The situation was saved as braveheart surfer Renan Souza went down the rocks and jumped into the water to rescue the lifeguard.

The video shared by Good News Movement on Twitter shows Souza surfing to the lifeguard amid the crashing waves and taking him to deeper water beyond. 

“The guy was going to die. My heart burned. It really burned,” Renan told the Good News correspondent. After grabbing the lifeguard, Renan paddled him out of harm’s way to deeper water beyond the crashing waves. 

A helicopter completed the rescue and the lifeguard was taken to hospital where he was treated for bruises and cuts.

The clip shared on Tuesday has garnered close to 1,50,000 views and counting.