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Video : Man has miraculous escape as raging flood waters destroy house

Screengrab from the viral video.

A man miraculously managed to survive after a flood destroyed his home in Brazil and the video that captured the moment has gone viral. In the video clip, the man is seen talking on the phone in a house. In a matter of seconds, a strong wave of flood water smashes through the wall. The man who was identified as Romulo do Carmo has a narrow escape. The video was shared by the Brazilian news portal g1.globo.com

Watch Video : https://g1.globo.com/go/goias/video/morador-escapa-por-segundos-de-ser-atingido-por-enxurrada-que-invadiu-casa-em-anapolis-10062093.ghtml

“Everything was destroyed. But thank God me, my wife and the four dogs are fine. Now it's time to work to buy everything again,” Carmo told the local media.

According to Brazilian authorities, last week heavy rains in Annapolis, some 55 km from the capital of Goias province, caused severe damage and fatal flooding.