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Video horror: Monster mom throws 3-year-old daughter into bear’s trench in a zoo

Screengrabs from the viral video.

A video that has horrified the world shows a mother dropping her three-year-old daughter into a bear enclosure 16-feet below at a zoo in Uzbekistan.

Video clip from Tashkent Zoo shows the “monster mom” dangling her child over the railings before dropping her down.

The local police has arrested the woman and filed a case of an attempt to murder against her.

According to the New York Post, horrified onlookers watched helplessly as the child landed in the trench in front of the bear.

Witnesses said the bear sniffed the child, but fortunately moved away and did not hurt her. The zookeepers then lured the animal into an indoor part of the enclosure and rescuef the girl.

The child was hospitalised with a head injury and cuts she suffered due to the fall.

A spokesperson for the zoo said, "A young woman threw a little girl down into a brown bear's enclosure, in front of all the visitors.

"It was completely unclear what her motive was. Both the visitors and the staff of the zoo were trying to stop her – but failed," the spokesperson added.