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Video: AirAsia flight diverted as snake spotted on board mid-air

AirAsia flight diverted as snake spotted on board mid-air.(Photo for Representation)

An AirAsia flight from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur to Tawau was diverted to Kuching after a snake was spotted inside the aircraft earlier this week.

A video of the snake crawling inside the illuminated area of the Air Asia Airbus A320-200 aircraft has surfaced online. The video shared by Hana Mohsin Khan, a commercial pilot. She has observed in her tweet that it is either an escaped pet from passenger carry on/luggage or possibly climbed its way into the aircraft from the ground.

Liong Tien Ling, AirAsia’s chief safety officer, was cited as saying by The Star that it was something that happened from time to time.

“AirAsia is aware of the incident that occurred on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau on Thursday. As soon as the captain was notified, the plane was diverted to Kuching to be disinfected,” he was quoted as saying.

The captain also told The Star that it was not clear as to how the snake got inside the aircraft and there was no information whether it belonged to any of the passengers.