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Video: Air India pilots exhibit extraordinary flying skills to land Boeings at Heathrow airport amid Storm Eunice

Air India pilot making the landing at London's Heathrow Airport with the Storm Eunice raging

The pilots of two Air India flights showed extraordinary flying skills in safely landing their Boeing Dreamliner planes at London's Heathrow amid extremely turbulent weather triggered by Storm Eunice due to which hundreds of other flights were diverted or cancelled.

While Captain Anchit Bhardwaj was in command of one of the flights, Captain Aditya Rao was in control of the other. 

As the storm buffeted the Heathrow runway 27L, 'Big Jet TV', a YouTube channel that was tracking the aircraft landings and take-offs praised the Air India pilots with the commentator saying, "Very skilled Indian pilot there."

Air India too lauded the superb handling of the landings in stormy weather.

"Our skilled pilots landed in London when many other airlines couldn't," said an Air India official.

Many planes were forced to abort their landings or circle around the airport in what is called a "go-around".

The British army had been put on standby for Storm Eunice which led to the first-ever "red weather” warning for London on Friday. It was one of the most powerful storms in Europe since the "Great Storm" hit Britain and northern France in 1987.

According to a BBC report thousands of homes are still without power after Storm Eunice caused widespread disruption. Trees were felled, lorries toppled over, and all trains were cancelled. At least nine people were reported to be killed in the storm.

A Met Office yellow warning for wind covering south and mid Wales was in place. "These conditions on Saturday may hamper any clear-up," it said.