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US, UK & Australia warn citizens to stay away from Kabul airport as terror attack likely

US, UK and Australia warn citizens to stay away from Kabul airport as terror attack likely

The USA, UK and Australia warned their citizens on Thursday to stay away from the Kabul airport as there was danger of a terrorist attack in the area. 

The US has warned people against travelling to the airport, citing “security threats outside the gates”. The warning states that US citizens who are currently at the Abbey, East or North gates “should leave immediately”.

The British government warned its citizens in Afghanistan to stay away from Kabul airport, citing the “ongoing and high threat” of a terrorist attack. The Foreign Office said anyone in the area of the airport should “move away to a safe location and await further advice.” 

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Meanwhile, British defence secretary Ben Wallace said on Wednesday that Afghans who want to flee to the UK may be better off “trying to get to the border” than awaiting RAF evacuation. He also indicated that there were few places left on British rescue flights, which have evacuated more than 11,000 people from Kabul since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan less than two weeks ago.

There is a high threat of a terrorist attack near the airport in Kabul, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Marise Payne said on Thursday warning the country’s citizens to stay away from the area.

Australia has been evacuating its citizens and visa holders for more than a week from Kabul airport, where Canberra had urged people to travel in order to be ready for transport.

Late on Wednesday, Australia changed its advice to those in the area, which Payne said was based on heightened concerns of an attack.

"There is an ongoing and very high threat of a terrorist attack," Payne told journalists in Canberra.