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US President Joe Biden arrives in New Delhi, stage set for a G-20 to define a post-Covid world order

US President Joe Biden being warmly received by Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of the G-20 summit

US President Joe Biden has arrived in India to participate in a momentous G-20 meeting which is set to define contours of a post-Covid world order and help bridge the divide between the Global North and Global South.

Upon his arrival, President Biden was warmly received by the Minister of State VK Singh.  This is Biden’s first visit to India as US President.

Prior to Biden’s departure US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that the upcoming G20 Leaders’ Summit will be an important milestone for global cooperation at a critical time.

On the G20 summit, the NSA said: “As we head into the G20 we’re looking forward to an opportunity to engage on a range of what we think are really significant issues facing all of the major economies of the world…. So we think this will be an important Milestone moment for Global cooperation at a critical time.”

He also highlighted that the hosts of G20 – India, Brazil, South Africa, US – have ensured that G20 (should) remains a central mechanism for global coordination.

“…India, Brazil, South Africa and the US has a deep stake in stewarding the G20 and making sure that it remains a central mechanism for Global coordination on all the major challenges we face,” Sullivan said.

Specifically on the bilateral between  PM Modi and Biden’s meet, the US NSA said that a meaningful progress on a number of issues including GE Jet engine issues, MQ9 Reapers, 5G, 6G, civil nuclear areas will show the breadth of relationship.

“Tomorrow the president will be meeting with Prime Minister Modi and it will be an opportunity to follow up on prime minister Modi’s visit to the United States and we will see meaningful progress on a number of issues including the GE jet engine issue the MQ9 reapers on 5G, 6G on a collaboration on critical and emerging Technologies and progress also in the civil nuclear area as well,” he said on Thursday.

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