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US Congressmen urge Biden to recognise Bangladesh Liberation War as an act of genocide

Scene of killings like this were common during the Bangladesh genocide (Pic: herald.dawn.com)

Will finally the atrocities by Pakistan during the Liberation War of 1971 in Bangladesh be recognised as genocide?

Recently, US Congressman Steve Chabot of the Republic Party along with Congressman of Indian origin Ro Khanna, a Democrat have urged American President Joe Biden to recognise the atrocities which continued for nine months left about three million innocent people in Bangladesh dead and more than 200,000 women violated. The Congressmen have also introduced a historic eight page resolution titled – ‘Recognising the Bangladesh Genocide of 1971’.

Bangladesh has repeatedly called for recognition of March 25 – the ghastly episode started on that day in 1971– as the International Genocide Day by the international community. The Sheikh Hasina government in 2017 has already declared March 25 as the National Genocide Day.

“We must not let the years erase the memory of the millions who were massacred. Recognising the genocide strengthens the historical record, educates our fellow Americans, and lets would-be perpetrators know such crimes will not be tolerated or forgotten,” Chabot said in a tweet.

At the midnight of 25 March 1971 the Pakistan army cordoned Peelkhana, the headquarters of the East Pakistan Rifles (EPR), Rajarbagh police barracks, and the Ansar headquarters at Khilgaon. About 8,000 to 12,000 people were killed every day—the highest in any genocide history.

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