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UNICEF provides aid to 800 families in Afghanistan including food, medicines, winter supplies

Afghan girls in Kabul (Photo: Saifurahman Safi/Xinhua/IANS)

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) distributed aid to 800 vulnerable and needy Afghan families including food, medical supplies and winter supplies.

The Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) on Tuesday distributed the aid, reported Tolo News. Mawlawi Mohammad Abas Akhund, head of the National Disaster Management Authority of Afghanistan, asked the international community to increase humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

"This program will carry on, today it is here, tomorrow in some other areas. We try to not leave a single place in the city that is not helped," said Mawlawi Mohammad Abas Akhund, head of ANDMA, reported Tolo News.

Meanwhile, officials at the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) say that they are concerned about the economic crisis in Afghanistan, and they are trying to double their assistance, especially to the malnourished children in the country.

"UNICEF is deeply concerned about the escalating crisis, we are here as we have been for the last seventy years, we are scaling up our response, we are tracking water, we are distributing more winter kits, we are supporting children who are malnourished," said Sam Mort, Chief of Communication, Advocacy and Civic Engagement for UNICEF Afghanistan, based in Kabul, reported Tolo News.

Although there have been reports regarding the increase of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, citizens say that these assistances are not enough in the current situation in Afghanistan.

"Help us in this bad situation, because we are living in a very poor situation," said Huma, a resident of Kabul.

"People have many problems; the situation is very bad. People are homeless; they have no flour, water or bread," said Mohammad Nader, another resident of Kabul, reported Tolo News.

This comes as the United Nations said last week that half of Afghanistan's population was starving because of the dire economic situation in Afghanistan and the UN asked for USD 4.4 billion in aid to Afghanistan.