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Ukrainian man sinks luxurious 7-million-dollar yacht of Russian arms dealer in Spain

The upscale super-yacht Port Adriano in Spain's Mallorca (Image courtesy: Portadriano.com)

A 55-year-old Ukrainian mechanical engineer inflicted some heavy damage and partially sank his Russian owner's $7 million yacht in Spain's Mallorca in protest against Moscow's ongoing military operation in Ukraine.

Taras Ostapchuk was arrested on Saturday for sabotaging the Lady Anastasia ship owned by Alexander Mikheev, a top official of Russian arms supplier Rosoboronexport, at the upscale super-yacht port Port Adriano.

"This Saturday at break time, I watched the news about the war. There was a video of a helicopter attack on a building in Kiev. The armaments used are produced by the ship owner's company. They were attacking innocents," Ostapchuk said in his court statement according to Ultima Hora, a newspaper in the Balearic Islands. ukraine

"Two hours after watching the video, the Ukrainian mechanic returned to the boat with the decision to take revenge on the owner by causing 'only material damage, not personal damage' and closed the fuel valves so that there would be no polluting leaks," the newspaper reported further.  

Taras Ostapchuk was arrested on Saturday

Ostapchuk's act went viral on social media, especially after he told the judge he did not regret his actions and that would do it again if he could. 

Ukraine Russia

Lady Anastasia is owned by Alexander Mikheev, a top official of Russian arms supplier Rosoboronexport

After being released, Ostapchuk said that, having damaged the vessel, he now plans to fly home to fight with the brave soldiers fighting against the Russian forces.

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