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Uganda launches virtual Safari to kick-start tourism sector

Uganda has decided to reopen tourism through a live-streamed, virtual safari.

Uganda is known for spectacular yet undiscovered wildlife. This country is a combination of beautiful scenery and comfortable weather. The Ugandan government plans to incentivize tourists even as the world has barely emerged from travel restrictions.

"This project is going to be showcasing Uganda's beauty. We are very excited about this because we need to get Ugandans to appreciate what we have as a country," said Paul Ninsiima, sales manager at Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), a state owned conservation agency co-organizing the project.

Figures show that the East African country could lose up to $1.6 billion in tourism revenues because of the lockdown measures that started in late March.

The virtual tours prelude the planned reopening of Uganda's sole international airport to commercial flights on October 1, compared with its many neighbors who have already opened up their airspace.

In June, the UWA started offering complimentary prices to domestic tourists. At reduced prices, Ugandans and foreign residents are free to enter any park in the country provided they follow the set Standard Operating Procedures aimed at reducing the spread of Covid-19.

The coronavirus, which spread across the world from Wuhan, China, has hit the travel and tourism industry worldwide. Most of the countries have gone through lockdowns to reduce the impact of infection among their people. Every country is trying their best to overcome the impact of deadly virus through better healthcare systems, social distancing, limiting travel and with the use of technology..