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Trump unveils 'America First' healthcare agenda

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</span>US President Donald Trump has unveiled 'America First' agenda for healthcare. Trump said that his administration "delivered better care with more choice, at much lower cost, and working to ensure Americans have access to the care they need."

The USA presidential election will have the impact of Covid-19 as it brings in challenges in health infrastructure, economy, job.

The pandemic has hit the US with the world’s highest caseload and death toll, accounting for more than one fifth of the global deaths.

"My administration is fighting for the rights of American consumers, the well-being of American patients, and the health of the American people," said Trump.<span class="im">

During the address, the President also promised to send seniors $200 drug discount cards before the election to help cover prescription drug co-pays, adding that he would ban the practice of "surprise" medical billing if Congress doesn't enact a fix by year's end.

Trump also went after 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Obamacare, which were signed into law by then President Barack Obama in 2010.

Trump has sought to repeal Obamacare, a promise during his 2016 campaign, despite strong pushback from Democrats.

Biden, who was Obama's deputy when Obamacare took effect, accused Trump of "arguing to strip millions of Americans of health care in the middle of a pandemic" in a tweet on Thursday.

Polls have indicated a stretched race between Trump and Biden in North Carolina, a battleground stat</span>.