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Tibetans angered by centenary celebrations of the CCP, protest outside Chinese embassy in Delhi

Tibetans demonstrate outside the Chinese embassy against the centenary celebrations of the Community Party (Photo courtesy: Tibetan Youth Congress)

A day after Chinese President Xi Jinping's jingoistic speech hit global headlines as part of the centenary celebrations of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Tibetan community held protests outside the Chinese embassy in New Delhi.

Members of the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) organised a demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy on Thursday to demonstrate their resentment against the Chinese Communist Party as it celebrates one hundred years. The Delhi Police arrested the Tibetans for staging the protest.

The protestors carried placards and banners saying: "CCP, stop killing in Tibet" and "100 years of torture and brutality". The TYC is the global body of Tibetans voicing complete independence for Tibet. The protestors warned the world that China is not just a threat to the Tibetan community but to the world itself.

NC Bipindra, Chairman and Founding Trustee, of the Delhi-based think tank Law and Society Alliance (LSA) told India Narrative that the policies of the current Chinese regime are autocratic. He said: “At this point in time, the centenary of CCP offers nothing to celebrate about for Tibet and the peace-loving Tibetans, who have been subjugated and forced to flee their homeland due to atrocities perpetrated by Communist China. The Tibetans, whether inside occupied Tibet or around the world, aren’t inspired by Xi’s references to humanity in his speech yesterday, as he has been singularly responsible for the Sinicisation of Tibet, Tibetans, their language, culture, religion and their life itself.”

In a one-page statement released to the media, the TYC said: "The very existence of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is not only a threat to the survival of Tibetan culture and identity, but it poses a grave security threat to the rest of the world. Therefore, it's high time to scale up the cooperation amongst the democractic countries and strengthen its position against the atrocities committed by the CCP".

This is a sentiment that Bipindra also echoes. He said: “The Tibetans suffer oppression at the hands of Communist China, an are likely to continue suffering in the years ahead, unless the democratic world intervenes.” He pointed out that not too many neighbours of Communist China have been free from border trouble caused by Communist China be it is land or maritime borders in the Indo-Pacific. “Even a distant Australia has faced China’s bullying over its demand for a probe into the origins of Coronavirus. The debt diplomacy of China has angered several nations, particularly locals, whose livelihood has been snatched away”, he added.

Bipindra adds that Xi Jinping’s policies are driving the politics of conflict across the world. “In the future, Xi's policies are going to bring about the downfall of the country", he opines.

The Tibetans strongly criticised the community party on its 100th anniversary for its "notorious history of human rights violations", said the TYC statement, adding that, "The painful memories of annexation and occupation of Tibet and killings of more than a million courageous countrymen continue to stay in us and we will strengthen our freedom movement to fulfil their aspirations".

The protestors pointed out that due to the brutality by the authorities in China, Tibetans inside Tibet have resorted to measures like self-immolation. "Since 2009, 157 Tibetans inside Tibet have set themselves on fire to protest against China's illegal occupation. Most of the self-immolators called for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and independence in Tibet", said the statement issued by the TYC.

Listing out the atrocities against the people and against their religion, the TYC has alleged that China has indulged in "demolishing more than 5,000 monasteries to the disrobing of 99.9 per cent monks and nuns".

The TYC statement added that Chinese authorities are gearing up for increased control over Tibetan lives, religion and culture for which they will continue to oppose China worldwide.