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The spectre of Islam haunts Europe

The spectre of Islam haunts Europe

The birth of Europe dates from the early medieval period and crusades. By the end of the 8th century, a realignment of European forces occurred under the impact of Islam. The very word ‘Europe’ came to be used in the 9th century to create a distinct identity, to contradistinguish themselves from the Muslims.

The advance of Muslims was stopped in Spain in 718 AD and Spanish history celebrates it as the first Christian victory over the Muslims. In 732 AD when Muslims began the conquest of France, the troops of the Frankish prince formed a square at the crucial moment of the battle and the army of the Muslim Amir had to flee.

The second major Islamic attack against European countries were by the Ottomans. They continued for six centuries of Ottoman rule “wherein fighting a Christian, a ghazi might best fulfill his destiny.”

During the last fifty years, the Muslims have been accused of carrying out a ‘demographic aggression’ against Europe. They have migrated in sizeable numbers to Germany, Belgium, France, UK and other countries. Now, some of them even hold high government offices.

Most Muslims are loath to follow the European laws that they think are not in tune with Islam. They don’t believe in the Western civilization, Western values, and the Western system despite living in the West. Hence the insistence on Shariat.

Most of them refuse to be assimilated; they don’t respect the native culture. Also, they want to persist with the misogyny inherent in Islam. This is the reason that many European political and thought leaders are favor stricter immigration rules—for which they are unjustly maligned as ‘Islamophobic.’

The truth, however, is that culture will be jeopardized if this Islamization is not stopped. Western culture has been the foundation of human progress since the Renaissance; it continues to scale ever new heights; it needs to be upheld.

The situation demands a clear perception and a clearer determined action, so that humane values of open thought, social freedom, political and economic liberation, live-and-let-live policies are not replaced by violent Islamic orthodoxy and Radicalism.

Israel can initiate the movement to rejuvenate the mind and identity of Europe. Its people are closest to the European paradigm. They have their glorious Judaic religion but also an openness that makes them European in cultural terms. They exercise pervasive and deep influence in the economy, media and academia of Europe and the US. It is important for the state of Israel to see that European identity is strengthened. The Islamic takeover of Europe will be a severe blow to Israel.

Mohed Altrad is working hard to be the first Muslim President of France. This will be very dangerous because this will give the Islamic leadership access to the nuclear and more advanced post-nuclear arsenal of France.

The second half of the 20th century was a conflict between the aggressive Soviet Union and the free world. The first half of the 21st century sees a confrontation between Islam and the West, especially its cradle, Europe. Thus, there is an urgent need of rejuvenation of the European Identity. Lest Europeans become refugees in their own countries..