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The Great Awakening: A scream in the night

Alexander Dugin (Image courtesy: Strategic Research Institute)

In 2020, at the forum in Davos, the forum’s founder Klaus Schwab and Charles, the Prince of Wales, proclaimed a new course for humanity, the Great Reset.

The plan, according to the Prince of Wales, consists of five points:

1. To capture the imagination and will of humanity – change will only happen if people really want it;

2. The economic recovery must put the world on the path to sustainable employment, livelihoods and growth. Longstanding incentive structures that have had perverse effects on our planetary environment and nature herself must be reinvented;

3. Systems and pathways must be redesigned to advance net zero transitions globally. Carbon pricing can provide a critical pathway to a sustainable market;

4. Science, technology and innovation need reinvigorating. Humanity is on the verge of catalytic breakthroughs that will alter our view of what it possible and profitable in the framework of a sustainable future;

5. Investment must be rebalanced. Accelerating green investments can offer job opportunities in green energy, the circular and bio-economy, eco-tourism and green public infrastructure.

Here's Alexander Dugin, a Russian thinker and the architect of the Fourth Political Theory, critiquing the idea…


Part 1 & Part 2: The manifesto of great awakening, against great reset

Part 3: The Schism in the US: Trumpism and its Enemies


Part 4: The Great Awakening

We are nearing a thesis that represents the direct opposite of the "Great Reset”: the thesis of the "Great Awakening.”

This slogan was first put forth by American anti-globalists, such as the host of the alternative TV channel Infowars, Alex Jones, who was subjected to globalist censorship and de-platforming from social networks in the first phase of the Trump presidency, and QAnon activists. It is important that this is happening in the US, where bitterness has raged between the globalist elites and the populists who had their own President, albeit for only four years and stiffened by administrative obstacles and the limitations of their own ideological horizons.

Unencumbered by serious ideological and philosophical baggage, anti-globalists have been able to grasp the essence of the most important processes unfolding in the modern world. Globalism, liberalism and the Great Reset, as expressions of the determination of liberal elites to see their plans through to the end, by any means – including outright dictatorship, large-scale repression and campaigns of total disinformation – have encountered growing and increasingly conscious resistance.

Alex Jones ends his programs with the same rallying cry – "You are the Resistance!". In this case, Alex Jones himself or the activists of QAnon do not have strictly defined worldviews. In this sense, they are representatives of the masses, the same "deplorables" who were so painfully humiliated by Hillary Clinton. What is now awakening is not a camp of ideological opponents of liberalism, the enemies of capitalism, or ideological opponents of democracy. They are not even conservatives. They are just people – people as such, the most ordinary and simple. But… people who want to be and remain human, to have and keep their freedom, gender, culture, and living, concrete ties to their Homeland, to the world around them, to the people.

The Great Awakening is not about elites and intellectuals, but about the people, about the masses, about people as such.

And the Awakening in question is not about ideological analysis. It is a spontaneous reaction of the masses, hardly competent in philosophy, who have suddenly realized, like cattle before the slaughterhouse, that their fate has already been decided by their rulers and that there is no more room for people in the future.

The Great Awakening is spontaneous, largely unconscious, intuitive and blind. It is by no means an outlet for awareness, for conclusion, for deep historical analysis. As we have seen in the Capitol footage, the Trumpist activists and QAnon participants look like characters from comic books or Marvel superheroes. Conspiracy is an infantile disease of anti-globalization. But, on the other hand, it is the beginning of a fundamental historical process. This is how the pole of opposition to the very course of history in its liberal sense is emerging.

This is why the thesis of the Great Awakening should not be hastily loaded with ideological details, whether fundamental conservatism (including religious conservatism), traditionalism, the Marxist critique of capital, or anarchist protesting for protesting's sake. The Great Awakening is something more organic, more spontaneous and at the same time tectonic. This is how humanity is suddenly being illuminated by consciousness of the nearness of its imminent end.

And that is why the Great Awakening is so serious. And that is why it is coming from within the United States, that civilization where the twilight of liberalism is thickest. It is a cry from the center of hell itself, from that zone where the black future has already partly arrived.

The Great Awakening is the spontaneous response of the human masses to the Great Reset. Of course, one can be skeptical. The liberal elites, especially today, control all major civilizational processes. They control the world's finances and can do anything with them, from unlimited issuing to any manipulation of financial instruments and structures. In their hands is the entire US military machine and the management of NATO allies. Biden promises to reinforce Washington's influence in this structure, which has almost disintegrated in recent years.

Almost all of the giants of High Tech are subordinate to the liberals – computers, iPhones, servers, phones and social networks are strictly controlled by a few monopolists who are members of the globalist club. This means that Big Data, that is, the entire body of information about virtually the entire population of the earth, has an owner and master.

Technology, science centers, global education, culture, media, medicine and social services are completely in their hands.

The liberals in governments and power circles are the organic components of these planetary networks which all have the same headquarters.

The intelligence services of Western countries and their agents in other regimes work for the globalists, whether recruited or bribed, forced to cooperate or as volunteers.

One wonders: how in this situation can the supporters of the "Great Awakening" revolt against globalism? How – without having any resources – can they effectively confront the global elite? What weapons to use? What strategy to follow? And, furthermore, on which ideology to rely? – because liberals and globalists around the world are united and have a common idea, a common goal and a common line, while their opponents are disparate not only in different societies, but also within one and the same.

Of course, these contradictions in the ranks of the opposition are further exacerbated by the ruling elites, who are used to dividing in order to dominate. Muslims are pitted against Christians, leftists against rightists, Europeans against Russians or Chinese, etc.

But the Great Awakening is happening not because of, but in spite of all this. Humanity itself, man as eidos, man as common, man as a collective identity, and in all its forms at once, organic and artificial, historical and innovative, Eastern and Western, is rebelling against the liberals.

The Great Awakening is just the beginning. It has not even begun yet. But the fact that it has a name, and that this name has appeared in the very epicenter of ideological and historical transformations, in the United States, against the background of Trump's dramatic defeat, the desperate takeover of the Capitol, and the rising wave of liberal repression, as the globalists no longer hide the totalitarian nature of both their theory and their practice, is of great (maybe crucial) importance.

The Great Awakening against the "Great Reset" is humanity's revolt against the ruling liberal elites. Moreover, it is the rebellion of Man against his age-old enemy, the enemy of the human race itself.

If there are those who proclaim the "Great Awakening," as naive as their formulas may seem, this already means that not all is lost, that a kernel of Resistance is maturing in the masses, that they are beginning to mobilize. From this moment on begins the history of a worldwide revolt, a revolt against the Great Awakening and its adepts.

The Great Awakening is a flash of consciousness at the threshold of the Singularity. It is the last opportunity to make an alternative decision about the content and direction of the future. The complete replacement of human beings with new entities, new divinities, cannot simply be imposed by force from above. The elites must seduce humanity, obtain from it – albeit vaguely –  some consent. The Great Awakening calls for a decisive “No”!

This is not yet the end of the war, not even the war itself. Moreover, it has not yet begun. But it is the possibility of such a beginning. A New Beginning in the History of Man.

Of course, the Great Awakening is completely unprepared.

As we have seen, in the U.S. itself, the opponents of liberalism, both Trump and the Trumpists are ready to reject the last stage of liberal democracy, but they do not even think of a full-fledged critique of capitalism. They defend yesterday and today against a looming, ominous tomorrow. But they lack a fully-fledged ideological horizon. They are trying to save the previous stage of the very same liberal democracy, the very same capitalism, from its late and more advanced stages. And this in itself contains a contradiction.

The contemporary left also has limits in its critique of capitalism, both because it shares a materialist understanding of history (Marx agreed on the need for world capitalism, which he hoped would then be overcome by the world proletariat) and because the socialist and communist movements have recently been taken over by liberals and reoriented from waging class war against capitalism to protecting migrants, sexual minorities and fighting imaginary "fascists".

The right, on the other hand, is confined to its nation-states and cultures, not seeing that the peoples of other civilizations are in the same desperate situation. The bourgeois nations that emerged at the dawn of the modern age represent a vestige of bourgeois civilization. This civilization today is destroying and abolishing what it itself created just yesterday, in the meanwhile using all the limitations of national identity to keep humanity in a fragmented and conflicted state from confronting the globalists.

Therefore, there is the Great Awakening, but it does not yet have an ideological basis. If it is truly historical, and not an ephemeral and purely peripheral phenomenon, then it simply needs a foundation – one that goes beyond the existing political ideologies that emerged in Modern times in the West itself. Turning to any of them would automatically mean that we find ourselves in the ideological captivity of the formation of capital.

So, in seeking a platform for the Great Awakening that has erupted in the United States, we must look beyond American society and the rather short American history and look to other civilizations, above all to the non-liberal ideologies of Europe itself, for inspiration. But even this is not enough, because along with the deconstruction of liberalism, we must find support in the different civilizations of humanity, far from exhausted by the West where the main threat comes from and where – in Davos, in Switzerland! – the “Great Reset” was proclaimed.

The Internationale of Nations vs the Internationale of the Elites

"The Great Reset" wants to make the world unipolar again in order to move towards a globalist non-polarity, where the elites will become fully international and their residence will be dispersed throughout the entire space of the planet. This is why globalism brings about the end of the US as a country, a state, a society. This is what the Trumpists and supporters of the Great Awakening sense, sometimes intuitively. Biden is a sentence passed on the United States. And from the US to everyone else.

Accordingly, for the salvation of people, peoples, and societies, the Great Awakening must begin with multipolarity. This is not just the salvation of the West itself, and not even the salvation of everyone else from the West, but the salvation of humanity, both Western and non-Western, from the totalitarian dictatorship of the liberal capitalist elites. And this cannot be done by the people of the West or the people of the East alone. Here it is necessary to act together. The Great Awakening necessitates an internationalization of the peoples’ struggle against the internationalization of the elites.

Multipolarity becomes the most important reference point and the key to the strategy of the Great Awakening. Only by appealing to all nations, cultures and civilizations of humanity are we able to gather enough forces to effectively oppose the "Great Reset" and the orientation toward the Singularity.

But in this case the whole picture of the inevitable final confrontation turns out to be far less desperate. If we take a look at all that could become the poles of the Great Awakening, the situation presents itself in a somewhat different light. The Internationale of Peoples, once we begin to think in these categories, turns out to be neither a utopia nor an abstraction. Moreover, we can easily already see enormous potential and how such can be harnessed in the struggle against the "Great Reset".

Let us briefly list the reserves on which the Great Awakening can count on a global scale.

The US Civil War: the choice of our camp

In the US, we have a foothold in Trumpism. Although Trump himself lost, this does not mean that he himself has washed his hands, resigned to a stolen victory, and that his supporters – 70,000,000 Americans – have settled down and taken liberal dictatorship as a given. They have not. From now on, there is a powerful anti-globalist underground in the US itself, large in number (half the population!), embittered, and driven to despise liberal totalitarianism. The dystopia of Orwell’s 1984 was not embodied in a communist or fascist regime, but is now in a liberal one. But the experience of both Soviet communism and even Nazi Germany show that resistance is always possible.

Today, the US is essentially in a state of civil war. The liberal-Bolsheviks have seized power, and their opponents have been thrown into opposition and are on the verge of going illegal. An opposition of 70,000,000 people is serious. Of course, they are scattered and may be in disarray by the punitive raids of the Democrats and the new totalitarian technology of Big Tech.

But it is too early to write off the American people. Clearly, they still have some margin of strength, and half of the US population is ready to defend their individual freedom at any cost. And today the question is exactly this: Biden or freedom. Of course, liberals will try to abolish the Second Amendment and disarm the population, which is becoming less and less loyal to the globalist elite. It is likely that the Democrats will try to kill the two-party system itself by introducing an essentially one-party regime, quite in the spirit of the current state of their ideology. This is liberal-Bolshevism.

But civil wars never have foregone conclusions. History is open, and victory for either side is always possible. Especially if humanity realizes how important the American opposition is to the universal victory over globalism. No matter how we feel about the US, about Trump and the Trumpists, we all simply must support the American pole of the Great Awakening. Saving America from the globalists, and thus helping to make it great again, is our common task.

European Populism: Overcoming Right and Left

The wave of anti-liberal populism is not subsiding in Europe either. Although the globalist Macron has managed to contain the violent protests of the "Yellow Vests" and the Italian and German liberals have isolated and blocked right-wing parties and their leaders from coming to power, these processes are unstoppable. Populism expresses the same Great Awakening, but only on European soil and with European specificity.

For this pole of resistance, a new ideological reflection is extremely important. European societies are much more ideologically active than Americans, and thus the traditions of right-wing and left-wing politics – and their inherent contradictions – are much more keenly felt.

It is precisely these contradictions that the liberal elites are taking advantage of in order to maintain their position in the European Union.

The fact is that hatred for liberals in Europe is growing simultaneously from two sides: the left sees them as representatives of big capital, exploiters who have lost all decency, and the right sees them as provocateurs of artificial mass migration, destroyers of the last vestiges of traditional values, destroyers of European culture and the gravediggers of the middle class. At the same time, for the most part, both right-wing and left-wing populists have put aside traditional ideologies that no longer meet historical needs, and express their views in new forms, sometimes contradictory and fragmentary.

The rejection of the ideologies of orthodox communism and nationalism is generally positive; it gives the populists a new, much broader base. But it is also their weakness.

However, the most fatal thing about European populism is not so much its de-ideologization as the persistence of the deep, mutual rejection between left and right that has persisted since previous historical eras.

The emergence of a European pole of the Great Awakening must involve the resolution of these two ideological tasks: the final overcoming of the boundary between the left and the right (that is, the obligatory rejection of contrived "anti-fascism" by some and of contrived “anti-communism" by others) and the elevation of populism as such – integral populism – into an independent ideological model. Its meaning and its message should be a radical critique of liberalism and its highest stage,  globalism, at the same time combining the demand for social justice and the preservation of traditional cultural identity.

In this case, European populism will, first and foremost, acquire a critical mass that is fatally lacking as right-wing and left-wing populists waste time and effort on settling scores with each other, and, secondly, it will become a most important pole of the Great Awakening,

Russia's mission: to be at the forefront of the Great Awakening

Finally, the most important pole of the Great Awakening is intended for Russia. Despite the fact that Russia has been partly involved in Western civilization, through the Enlightenment culture during the Tsarist period, under the Bolsheviks, and especially after 1991, at every stage – in antiquity as well as in the present – the deep identity of Russian society is deeply distrustful of the West, especially of liberalism and globalization. Nominalism is deeply alien to the Russian people in its very foundations.

Russian identity has always prioritized the common – the clan, folk, church, tradition, nation, and power, and even communism represented – albeit artificial, in class terms – a collective identity opposed to bourgeois individualism. Russians stubbornly rejected and continue to reject nominalism in all its forms. And this is a common platform for both the monarchist and Soviet periods.

After the failed attempt to integrate into the global community in the 1990s, thanks to the failure of liberal reforms, Russian society became even more convinced of the extent to which globalism and individualistic attitudes and principles are alien to Russians. This is what determines the general support for Putin's conservative and sovereign course. Russians reject the "Great Reset" both from the right and from the left – and this, together with historical traditions, collective identity, and the perception of sovereignty and state freedom as the highest value, is not a momentary, but a long-term, fundamental feature of Russian civilization.

The rejection of liberalism and globalization has become particularly acute in recent years, as liberalism itself has revealed its deeply repulsive features to Russian consciousness. This justified a certain sympathy among Russians for Trump and a parallel deep disgust for his liberal opponents.

On Biden's side, the attitude to Russia is quite symmetrical. He and the globalist elites in general view Russia as the main civilizational opponent, stubbornly refusing to accept the vector of liberal progressivism and fiercely defending its political sovereignty and its identity.

Of course, even today's Russia does not have a complete and coherent ideology that could pose a serious challenge to the Great Reset. In addition, the liberal elites entrenched at the top of society are still strong and influential in Russia, and liberal ideas, theories and methods still dominate the economy, education, culture and science. All of this weakens Russia's potential, disorients society, and sets the stage for growing internal contradictions. But, on the whole, Russia is the most important – if not the main!  – pole of the Great Awakening.

This is exactly what all of Russian history has led up to, expressing an inner conviction that Russians are facing something great and decisive in the dramatic situation of the End Times, the end of history. But it is precisely this end, in its worst version, that the Great Reset project implies. The victory of globalism, nominalism and the coming of the Singularity would mean the failure of the Russian historical mission, not only in the future but also in the past. After all, the meaning of Russian history has been directed precisely towards the future, and the past was only preparation for it.

And in this future, which is now approaching, the role of Russia is not only to take an active part in the Great Awakening, but also to stand in the forefront of it, proclaiming the imperative of the Internationale of Peoples in the fight against liberalism, the plague of the 21st century.

Russia awakening: an imperial renaissance

What does it mean for Russia in such circumstances to "awaken"? It means fully restoring Russia’s historical, geopolitical, and civilizational scale, becoming a pole of the new multipolar world.

Russia has never been "just a country", much less "just one among other European countries.” For all the unity of our roots with Europe, which go back to Greco-Roman culture, Russia at all stages of its history has followed its own particular path. This also had an impact on our firm and unwavering choice of Orthodoxy and Byzantinism in general, which largely determined our estrangement from Western Europe, which chose Catholicism and later Protestantism. In the modern age, this same factor of profound distrust of the West was reflected in the fact that we were not so affected by the very spirit of Modernism in nominalism, individualism, and liberalism. And even when we borrowed some doctrines and ideologies from the West, they were often critical, i.e. they contained in themselves the rejection of the main – liberal-capitalistic – way of development of Western European civilization, which was so close to us.

Russia's identity was also greatly influenced by the Eastern – Turanian – vector. As the Eurasianist philosophers, including the great Russian historian Lev Gumilev, have shown, the Mongol statehood of Genghis Khan was an important lesson for Russia in centralized organization of the imperial type, which largely predetermined our rise as a Great Power since the 15th century, when the Golden Horde collapsed and Muscovite Russia took its place in the space of North-East Eurasia. This continuity with the geopolitics of the Horde naturally led to the powerful expansion of subsequent eras. At every turn, Russia has defended and asserted not only its interests, but also its values.

Thus, Russia has turned out to be the heir to two empires that collapsed at approximately the same time, in the 15th century: the Byzantine and the Mongol empires. Empire became our fate. Even in the 20th century, with all the radicalism of the Bolshevik reforms, Russia remained an empire against all odds, this time in the guise of the Soviet empire.

This means that our revival is inconceivable without returning to the imperial mission laid down in our historical destiny.

This mission is diametrically opposed to the globalist project of the "Great Reset". And it would be natural to expect that in their decisive rush the globalists will do everything in their power to prevent an Imperial Renaissance in Russia.  Accordingly, we need exactly that: an Imperial Renaissance. Not to impose our Russian and Orthodox truth on the other peoples, cultures and civilizations, but to revive, fortify and defend our identity and to help others in their own renaissance, to fortify and defend their own as much as we can. Russia is not the only target of the "Great Reset", although in many ways our country is the main obstacle to the execution of their plans. But this is our mission – to be the "Katechon", ""the one who withholds", preventing the arrival of the last evil in the world.

However, in the eyes of the globalists, other traditional civilizations, cultures and societies are also to be subject to dismantling, reformatting and transformation into an undifferentiated global cosmopolitan mass, and in the near future to be replaced by new – posthuman – forms of life, organisms, mechanisms, or their hybrids. Therefore, the imperial awakening of Russia is called upon to be a signal for a universal uprising of peoples and cultures against the liberal globalist elites. Through rebirth as an Empire, as an Orthodox Empire, Russia will set an example for other Empires – the Chinese, Turkish, Persian, Arab, Indian, as well as the Latin American, African… and the European. Instead of the dominance of one single globalist "Empire" of the Great Reset, the Russian awakening should be the beginning of an era of many Empires, reflecting and embodying the richness of human cultures, traditions, religions, and value systems.

Towards the victory of the Great Awakening

If we add together US Trumpism, European populism (both right and left), China, the Islamic world and Russia, and foresee that at some point the great Indian civilization, Latin America, and Africa, which is entering another round of decolonization, and all the peoples and cultures of humanity in general may also join this camp, we have not mere scattered and confused marginals trying to object to the powerful liberal elites leading humanity to the final slaughter, but a fully-fledged front including actors of various scales, from great powers with planetary economies and nuclear weapons to influential and numerous political, religious and social forces and movements.

After all, the Great Reset was proclaimed by a handful of degenerate and panting old globalist men on the verge of dementia (like Biden himself, the shriveled villain Soros, or the fat burgher Schwab) and a marginal, perverted rabble selected to illustrate the lightning-quick career opportunities for all deplorables. Of course, they have the stock exchanges and the printing presses, the Wall Street crooks and the Silicon Valley inventor junkies working for them. Disciplined intelligence operatives and obedient army generals are subordinate to them. But this is negligible compared to all of humanity, to the people of labor and thought, to the depths of religious institutions and the fundamental richness of cultures.

The Great Awakening means that we have figured out the essence of that fatal, both murderous and suicidal strategy of “progress” as the globalist liberal elites understand it. And if we understand it, then we are capable of explaining it to others. The awakened can and must awaken everyone else. And if we succeed in this, not only will the "Great Reset" fail, but a just judgment will be passed upon those who have made it their goal to destroy humanity, first in spirit and now in body.

(Disclaimer: This is an edited version of his article. The views expressed are solely that of the author and are not an endorsement in whole or part by indianarrative.com)