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Techbooze starts pumping heavy funds into Indian startups

Leading service-based enterprise consultancy Techbooze Consultancy on Thursday said it has started facilitating investments heavily into the startup ecosystem after the recent capital raise by its global investors.

Startups including Byju's, Playco and Ynsect.com have already received funds with an undisclosed figure, the company said, adding that it will be investing heavily into startups and the real estate sector.

The brand is on a funding spree with the help of their pool of over 421 global investors backed by the likes of Space Capital, the capital fund behind SpaceX, Bond Capital, and many others.

Besides this, Techbooze said it will be helping to raise the partial funds for three key projects, which includes the construction of YMCA Bokaro Hospital with an investment of around Rs 3,000 crore, a residential project by Western Development Corporation, Kolkata with an amount of Rs 1,000 crore and for Western Development Healthcare with an investment of Rs 3,000 crore.

"Techbooze offers support for the startup funding- right from deciphering the current stage of any venture, seed round or angel, to helping with investment plans, pitch decks, and go-to-market strategy for early-stage ventures," Subhashis Kar, Founder & CEO, Techbooze Consultancy, said in a statement.

"We at Techbooze are on a constant lookout for innovative business models and to support them in any way possible. And with the fresh funding, we'll be able to invest and promote the startups in such trying times."

Today, most of the enterprises and publicly-listed entities have multiple channels to raise capital but at the same time, the early-stage startups are either bootstrapped or dependent on investors or venture capitalists.

With its current funding, Techbooze said it will be able to navigate and help in infusing new lease of life to the startups, since lack of investor support can hamper the growth and some exceptional business models succumbed due to lack of funds..