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Taliban tells Pakistan : TTP is your problem, not ours, solve it yourself !

Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesperson

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid has said that the issue of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is not for Afghanistan to resolve but must be sorted out by the Pakistani government and its religious ulemas.

“It is for the Pakistan, and Pakistani ulema, not the Taliban, to decide whether or not the TTP’s war is legitimate and to formulate a strategy in response,” Mujahid told Pakistani news channel Geo News.

Mujahid reiterated that Taliban’s stance is that Afghan soil will not be used by anyone to destroy the peace of another country and if the TTP considered the Taliban their leaders they would follow their orders.

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However, Mujahid made it clear that the Afghan people are opposed to Pakistan’s fence on the Durand Line that forms the disputed border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.   

“Our government, when it is formed, will state its position on the fencing on the Durand line). However, our people are concerned and don’t agree with it. The fence has divided our nations and families on both sides. We want to have an atmosphere that doesn’t require fencing. The fencing of Durand Line is not acceptable to Afghan people because it divides the nation and families living across it.”

This statement came at the time when TTP took responsibility for the killings of two Pakistani soldiers in an attack on an army post in Chamarkand on Sunday night.

TTP also said that it has attacked at five places killing at least 9 Pakistani soldiers in the last 24 hours and all was done on Pakistani soil. 

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Though Pakistan was happy about Taliban sweeping back to power in Afghanistan and had hoped that Taliban would control the TTP, instead the group released over 4000 TTP fighters including its commander from Afghan jails. The TTP, which renewed its allegiance to the Taliban in Afghanistan after the fall of Kabul, has recently stepped up its campaign against the Pakistani army.

Now, Pakistan’s military establishment is apprehensive that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) could gain strength from Taliban control of Afghanistan to launch terror attacks on Pakistani soil. But ignoring all concerns of Pakistan, Taliban have released TTP leader Faqir Muhammed who has launched numerous terror attacks against Pakistan.

Pledging allegiance to the Afghan Taliban, TTP’s leaders are seen threatening Pakistan and vow to establish a Khulafat system and Sharia in Pakistan. TTP chief Noor Wali Mehsud shows allegiance to Taliban "Islamic Emirate," and has said Taliban want a similar Islamic system in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s military establishment is worried, and it is reflected in the statements of the Pakistani army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa who is under tremendous pressure from their “iron brother” China after the increasing attacks on CPEC projects and its Chinese workers.

"Pakistan will face security concerns with a Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, mainly from an emboldened and resurgent TTP”, says a Pakistani analyst.