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Taliban deploy fresh unit of suicide bombers to take on Pakistani forces on Durand Line

Taliban fighters take on Pakistani security forces

The Taliban regime has decided to deploy more units of its special forces including a unit of suicide bombers on the Durand Line following repeated clashes between Taliban fighters and Pakistani forces.

Border tensions have risen since last year, with the Taliban opposing Pakistan’s move to put up a fence on the Durand Line that that demarcates the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The Taliban does not accept the Durand Line as the true border between the two countries as it is seen as a forced legacy of the British.

Following a fresh clash between Pakistani forces and Taliban fighters on Thursday on the Durand Line near the Spin Boldak crossing area, the Taliban regime deployed its suicide bomber Badri unit according to various Taliban supporters who posted videos on Twitter.

In a clash on Thursday, the Pakistani army started heavy artillery firing when the Taliban fighters tried to establish a check post on Durand Line near the Spin Boldak crossing area.

“Unfortunately, the first shots were fired by Pakistani forces”, says the Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid though he did not mention the deployment of special units on the disputed border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

According to the Taliban’s Interior Ministry, these special units are also being deployed on the Central Asian Borders following the tension in the region because of the “fights” between Russia and Ukraine to “maintain” stability.

Interestingly two days ago, the elusive Interior Minister of the Taliban regime and chief of the UN-designated terrorist organisation Haqqani Network had announced in a madrasa in Kandahar that another 1500 suicide bombers were being inducted in the Taliban army.

“Our struggle for the last 20 years was for establishing the Islamic govt. There have not been as many martyrdom operations (suicide attacks) in history as we did,” said Haqqani, the self-acclaimed expert who introduced “suicide bombers” in the Taliban’s “war” strategy.

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As usual, the video clips of Haqqani addressing the gathering did not show the face of the elusive most wanted terrorist who is carrying a bounty of $10 million on his head.

Addressing his squad of “suicide bombers” Haqqani said that so far his trained bombers had carried out 1,050 attacks alone and achieved martyrdom.

Last year in November, in his public appearance as the Interior Minister of Taliban regime, Sirajuddin Haqqani called on the heirs of hundreds of suicide bombers at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul and promised to help them.

This year in January, the Taliban regime who did not allow girls to attend school and banned women from work and education announced the formation of a “suicide bomber brigade” which will ironically have the first unit of women “fighters” recruited by the Taliban.

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