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Taliban claims to form 100,000-member defense force

Taliban claims to form 100,000-member defense force.

Afghanistan's Ministry of Defence will form a 100,000-member Defense Force under Taliban rule.

Efforts are underway to form a new military force comprised of 100,000 members, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said on Saturday. They emphasized that Islamic Emirate forces would be prioritized, according to Tolo News. "When they are enrolled, they will be sent to duties in squadrons. The process is about 80 percent complete," said Inayatullah Khwarazami, the Defense Ministry's Spokesman.

With the fall of the former government, the 350,000 Afghan National Defense and Security Forces also disbanded by August last year.

Of the 350,000 former Afghan security forces, 150,000 of them were under the Defense Ministry.

Taliban said that some former security officials have maintained their positions and are active.

A delegation of 20 members has been appointed to follow up on the process, the Defense Ministry said.

The current Afghan government has repeatedly called on the former security forces, who fled the country due to security threats, to come back and work for a developed Afghanistan, according to Tolo News. ( ANI)