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Taliban attacks kill 16 in Afghanistan

Taliban attacks kill 16 in Afghanistan

Twelve policemen and four civilians were killed during Taliban attacks in Afghanistan's Kunduz and Badakhshan provinces, authorities said today, adding that 11 insurgents also died.

Five police officers and four civilians were killed, while eight people were injured after Taliban militants stormed into Imam Sahib district in Kunduz yesterday, Yousuf Ayoubi, a member of provincial council, told Xinhua news agency.

Several dozens of militants tried to overrun the police station and local government offices, he said.

"The clashes continued until early today and security forces repelled the attackers and the Taliban insurgents were forced back from the district after at least six militants were killed and several others wounded," the source added.

In neighbouring Badakhshan, seven policemen and five Taliban members were killed and two police injured after Taliban attacked a security checkpoint in Arghanjkhwa district, according to a provincial government spokesman.

He noted that several foreigners were among the militants who attacked the key checkpoint in the mountainous district.

The two provinces have been the scene of heavy clashes between Taliban and security forces for years.

Since the signing of a peace agreement between Taliban and the US in February, Afghan leaders, including President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, have frequently demanded the Taliban to reduce violence.

The militants, however, have intensified attacks..