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Tablighis spreading corona in Pak, Palestine

Tablighis spreading corona in Pak, Palestine

It is quite well know that members of the Islamic organization Tablighi Jamaat in India are trying to derail India’s COVID-19 containment efforts. But they are also doing the same in Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

Over 5,000 police teams have been formed to search around 50,000 Pakistani Tablighis who attended Ijtema (annual meeting) in Lahore's Raiwind last month. The overall attendance figure for the event was of over 250,000 as people converged from all parts of the world.

Around 50 of these maulanas tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this week after which entire Raiwind was locked down. This, however, is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg, the authorities believe.

Just like Nizamuddin in Delhi, the Jamaat members in Raiwind ate, slept, and worshipped in cramped quarters in the times when social distancing is being practiced the world over.

The virus from Lahore has now been carried all the way to densely populated Gaza Stri, which encountered its first coronavirus cases as two Palestinians who had attended the Tablighi gathering tested positive last week. The number of cases has now risen alarmingly in the troubled coastal territory.

"Although Gaza is protected by Israel on all sides from threats such as invasion by ISIS, it could not escape the Chinavirus. The first 2 Gaza cases both attended a radical Islamic gathering in Pakistan (Tablighi Jamat) with 250,000 people, and brought the infection back to Gaza," tweeted David Vance of AltNewsMedia.

The anger against Tabllighis is mounting in Pakistan, after a SHO was brutally attacked by a Jamaat member who had tested positive and escaping from quarantine authorities.

"Pakistani preachers turning into super spreaders," wrote senior journalist Owais Tohid in a column in Arab News.

Defying lockdown, the Tablighi congregants have given Pakistan officials many sleepless nights.

"Dear Tablighi Jamaat members please remain at your homes? Why are you all rushing to Sindh during this crises? Lets get rid of <span class="_5afx"><span class="_58cl _5afz" aria-label="hashtag">#</span><span class="_58cm">corona</span></span> first then you may preach your concept of Islamic Dawah in Pakistan. I urge Sindh &amp; Federal Govts to play their role and stop spread of <span class="_5afx"><span class="_58cl _5afz" aria-label="hashtag">#</span><span class="_58cm">Covid19</span></span>," tweeted writer Ayaz Latif Palijo.

The writing is on the wall for Jamaat followers.

"The well-being of an entire continent is endangered because of <span class="_5afx"><span class="_58cl _5afz" aria-label="hashtag">#</span><span class="_58cm">TablighiJamat</span></span>, a massive body that believes God has given them immunity from viruses because of their religion. Health experts have referred to them as ‘Super-Spreaders’ and they’re doing it deliberately. Jail them," tweeted 'peace advocate' Imam Tawhidi.

He has only echoed the sentiments of millions..