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Sri Lankan man swept 50 feet into air while flying a kite

Dramatic footage of the Sri Lanka's kite-flying incident has gone viral on social media

A kite-flying festival turned into a horrific experience for a participant in Sri Lanka's Jaffna when he was swept 50 feet in the air by a sudden gust of wind at the site.

Manoharan Nadarasa, a resident of Point Pedro town on the northern tip of the island nation, was enjoying the local kite-flying festival with his group of friends before things turned ugly, a few days ago.

Flying his home-made four feet kite, Manoharan was also propelled in the air as the bystanders watched in horror and cried for help.

He was ultimately saved after falling from a jumpable height and rushed to the nearby hospital but the dramatic footage of the incident has now gone viral on social media.

"I work in a shop and do not always fly kites. On a day off, about 30 of us went flying kites. We had a big kite and made attempts to send it up with a big rope. We were all holding the kite. I was in the middle when the kite went up suddenly and I soared about 50 feet along with it," Manoharan told Sri Lankan Times website after recovering.

"I was very scared. I thought God would save me somehow. I could not hold the rope and fell on the ground. I was unconscious," he added while describing his horrific experience.

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