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Sindhi journalist Nasrullah Gadani murdered, World Sindhi Congress calls for justice

Sindhi journalist Nasrullah Gadani (Photo: ANI)

The World Sindhi Congress (WSC) has expressed sorrow and outrage over the murder of a Sindhi journalist, Nasrullah Gadani, bringing the total number of media workers reported killed nationwide in 2024 to five, according to Voice of America (VOA).

Gadani, who was attacked and shot three days ago in Ghotki, Sindh, succumbed to his injuries in a hospital in Karachi today. Nasrullah Gadani was respected for his commitment to truth and justice.

Despite enduring a life of poverty, he refused to be co-opted by the system, choosing instead to highlight the injustices faced by the Sindhi people.

Gadani’s courageous reporting often targeted the abuses of power by feudal and politicians, who, under the protection of the Pakistan army, have perpetuated widespread suffering in Sindh. His fearless dedication to exposing these atrocities ultimately cost him his life.

Activists and colleagues said the slain journalist had consistently highlighted the civic issues plaguing impoverished Sindh in his reporting. Gadani also was critical of the powerful feudal lords in the region, which led to his repeated detention by the police, as noted by Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir in this social media post on X, formerly Twitter.

The WSC has condemned the murder as part of a disturbing pattern of violence against journalists in Sindh. The organization voiced deep concerns about the likelihood of justice being served in this case, given the region’s history of impunity.

The news of Gadani’s death sparked outrage among journalists and civil society members, leading to a protest demonstration demanding justice for the slain reporter.

The WSC emphasised the critical role of the Sindhi community, political activists, human rights defenders, and civil society organizations in continuing the fight for justice for Nasrullah Gadani and other victims of such violence.

In a statement, the WSC offered condolences to Gadani’s family and friends. “The organisation pledged to honour his legacy by advocating for his case and the broader issues of lawlessness in Sindh at international platforms, including the United Nations”, the WSC statement said.

The murder of Nasrullah Gadani is a reminder of the dangers faced by journalists in Sindh and underscores the need for systemic reforms to protect those who speak truth to power.

The WSC’s call for justice resonates as a clarion call for action against the entrenched impunity that endangers the lives of those who dare to challenge it.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, a leading independent rights watchdog, said it was “deeply concerned” by the situation facing journalists in the country. It urged the Sindh government to investigate Gadani’s killing and hold the perpetrators to account.