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Scrap market in Pakistan destroyed after blast triggers blaze on China Road

Violence and unrest in Pakistan continue

A scrap market in Pakistan’s Mansehra got destroyed after a blast triggered a blaze on the China Road on Friday, officials said, local newspaper Dawn reported.

The blast ripped through the entire market, destroying shops and goods dumped there.

Rescue 1122 personnel along with fire tenders rushed to the spot and put out the blaze after half an hour’s effort.

As per a release issued by Rescue 1122, the exact cause of the blaze was yet to be established, but its personnel had rushed to the spot and put out the fire, thus preventing it from damaging the nearby shops.

The blast, which the locals said was not of a high intensity, occurred in chemical stuff usually sold by the scavenging boys, as per Dawn.

A Rescue 1122 official, Amir Khadam, said: “Because of the prompt response of our teams the heavy blaze was brought under control.”

A retail clothing outlet in Faisalabad turned into a battlefield after a fight broke out between shoppers, Geo News reported on Friday.

The fight broke out when the shoppers were trying to get their hands on their favourite lawn pieces, reported Geo News.

The report further stated that some women shoppers got into a quarrel and their husbands soon jumped in and started raining blows on one another as things went out of hand.

A short video clip of the incident, which went viral, showed one shopper hitting another with a shoe even as others tried to drag him away from the scene of the affray.

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