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Russia set to build more warships in 2023

Generalissimo Suvorov is the sixth missile carrier of the Borey-A family of Russian strategic nuclear submarines (File image courtesy: Russian Ministry of Defence)

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that taking into account the experience gained, including from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Moscow will increase the pace and volume of construction of warships in order to protect its national interests in the oceans.

Putin made the comments as three ships were handed over to the Russian Navy in Baltiysk and Vladivostok and the nuclear submarine ‘Emperor Alexander III’ was launched in Severodvinsk.

“I emphasise that we will increase the pace and volume of construction of ships of various projects, equip them with the most modern weapons, conduct operational and combat training of sailors, taking into account the experience gained, including during a special military operation,” said the Russian President while addressing the flag-raising ceremony virtually.

Putin said that the latest nuclear missile carriers that are being designed and built in Russia “have no analogues in the world” in many respects.

“In a word, we will do everything necessary to reliably ensure security Russia, the protection of our national interests in the oceans,” he mentioned.

The event witnessed the nuclear submarine cruiser Generalissimo Suvorov, missile ship Grad and sea minesweeper Anatoly Shlemov entering the Russian Navy.

Russian submarine
Russian President Vladimir Putin attending the ceremony of hoisting the naval flag on ships entering the Russian Navy and launching of the nuclear submarine Emperor Alexander III on Thursday (Image courtesy: Kremlin.Ru)

The new Russian submarines and surface ships have modern navigation, communications and hydroacoustics systems, high-precision weapons and robotic systems.

Generalissimo Suvorov is armed with Bulava ballistic missiles, which significantly increase the capabilities of Russian nuclear naval forces.

“I note that four more such submarines will be built as part of the current state armament programme, which will ensure Russia’s security for decades to come,” stated Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Nikolai Yevmenov, in Saint Petersburg, earlier this year (Image courtesy: Kremlin.ru)

The Grad small rocket ship is also a new generation project and ships of the same class, revealed the Russian leader, have shown high efficiency in solving combat missions in Syria. They have also been involved in Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Putin revealed that Russia plans to build 10 more sea minesweepers such as Anatoly Shlemov – a project that is considered one of the most successful Russian developments in surface shipbuilding.

Both Generalissimo Suvorov and Emperor Alexander III are the sixth and seventh missile carriers of the Borey-A family, capable of carrying Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Last week, at the annual Defence Ministry meeting which was also attended by Putin, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu remarked that the high combat readiness of the country’s strategic nuclear forces is ensured by an unprecedented level of modernity, brought to 91.3% this year.

“The Navy received the most modern submarine, six surface ships, three combat boats, 11 support vessels and boats, as well as two coastal missile systems,” said Shoigu.

He also told the gathering of top Russian military officials that serial deliveries of the Tsirkon sea-based hypersonic missile have begun with the Admiral Gorshkov frigate getting into the “final stage” of preparation to go on combat duty with the formidable hypersonic missiles aboard.

The Russian Defence Ministry also said that in 2023 it plans to take into the fleet the nuclear submarine of the Borey-A project Imperator Alexander III, as well as four submarines and 12 surface ships.

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