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Punjabi gangster Chucky Samra gunned down in gang war in Canada

Wanted gangster Chucky Samra gunned down in Canada (Photo: Twitter)

In yet another gang war on foreign soil, 28-year-old Punjabi gangster Amarpreet Samra alias ‘Chucky’ was gunned down in South Vancouver, Canada as he stepped out of the banquet hall after attending a wedding reception.

Samra featured amongst the top 11 most wanted criminals listed by Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit British Columbia (CFSEUBC). The criminals, according to the department, posed the highest threat to public safety. The police have warned the public to avoid being near them. Samra had in the past been charged with attempted murder for the shooting outside a Surrey elementary school that left one man injured.

Of the 11 men mentioned in the warning, nine were of Punjab-origin, including Amarpreet and his brother Ravinder. The duo are affiliated to the notorious ‘UN Gang’ active in Canada since 2000. UN gang has been involved in a decade-long conflict with rivals that now has reached across the province and beyond. The Brothers Keepers (BK), Wolfpack alliance and Red Scorpion gang have all been at war with the UN. Sources said the killer or killers are likely from the rival BK group. A burning vehicle that may be linked to the suspect or suspects was later found near the Surrey/Delta border. Police are also concerned about possible retaliation. An official statement from Vancouver Police said an investigation has been launched into the homicide of a 28-year-old man after he was shot this morning.

Chucky Samra was shot dead outside Fraserview banquet hall near Fraser St & South East Marine Dr, according to preliminary investigation by law agencies. “Multiple 9-1-1 callers reported one man had been shot outside a South Vancouver banquet hall near Fraser Street and South East Marine Drive at 1:30 a.m. Patrol officers performed CPR on the victim until paramedics arrived, but he died from his injuries,” the statement reads.

Investigators believe this was a targeted shooting related to the ongoing gang conflict. The investigation remains ongoing. Anyone with information that could assist investigators is asked to call the Vancouver Police Homicide Unit at 604-717-2500, it further reads. Both Samra and his elder brother Ravinder were guests at the party. It was past 1:00 am when they were on the dance floor when some unidentified men entered the party hall and asked the DJ to stop the music. It was, however, around 1:30 am when he stepped out that he was fired at.

Amarpreet Samra has a long criminal record.  He and two associates were convicted of kidnapping and forcible confinement in October 2015. Samra has also been the subject of two civil forfeiture cases where the B.C. government obtained orders to seize his vehicle and tens of thousands in cash. Samra is also believed to have been the intended target of a May 2021 shooting in North Delta that resulted in the slaying of correctional officer Bikramdeep Randhawa. Randhawa was gunned down in the parking lot of a Walmart on Scott Road. Delta Police later confirmed he was a victim of mistaken identity.