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Prominent Baloch guerrilla leader warns China to exit Balochistan

Dr. Allah Nazar (Pic courtesy Wikipedia Commons)

Accusing China and Pakistan of being  'plunderers', prominent pro-independence Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar, who heads  Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), asserted that the people of the region will never allow China to use Baloch coast against neighbouring countries including India. In a newly released video message the Baloch resource nationalist  warned China to “stop and back off” from its activities in Balochistan.

“For China, it is time to stop and back off. When the Baloch nation gets its sovereignty, then you will do far better trade with the Baloch and may invest here,” Nazar advised.

In the video, posted on the  Baloch media outlet Sangar Publication, the BLF head, who leads an armed insurgency  urged the neighbouring countries to help Baloch in, what he termed, “our struggle that is in line with the United Nations charter.”

Pakistan has designated BLF as a terror organisation. Consequently Nazar is among the one of the most wanted men in Pakistan.

“Pakistan and China have no interest in the welfare of Balochistan and the Baloch nation. They are only interested in our 750 miles long coast and minerals. So we Baloch have no way other than resistance, to divert the attention of the world towards oppressed Baloch,” said  Nazar.

Pakistan has been involved in war crimes, human rights violations and genocide for a long time but the level of barbarism and inhumanity depicted recently in Balochistan and Sindh are extremely shocking as thousands of Baloch nationalist activists have disappeared from Balochistan and  hundreds of young Sindhi and Urdu-speaking local workers from Sindh have been abducted by Pakistani agencies.

They remain traceless, supposedly kept in torture chambers for years. Furthermore, the Pakistani Army does not hand over the dead bodies of the Baloch activists who get killed in action by the Army. Human rights groups have accused Paksitani intelligence for rights violations.  Those targeted include  suspected Islamic or separatist militants, political opponents, activists, students, politicians, human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers.

Unsurprisingly, Baloch leaders have started comparing the situation in Balochistan to Bangladesh, which emerged as an independent state on the back of the massive Human Rights abuses by Pakistan in erstwhile East Pakistan.Abdul Qadeer Baloch, the vice-chairman of "International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons" had earlier said that India should support Balochistan’s independence just as it had done in the case of Bangladesh.

Baloch separatists, both militants and political groups, oppose China's increasing involvement in the province. A surge in the deadly attacks by Baloch separatists in Pakistan has sent the risks and costs of China's ambitious Belt and Road projects soaring.

Gwadar, on the Baloch coastline  is the starting point of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which terminates at  Kashgar in China’s restive Xinjiang province. China has designated CPEC as the prestige project of its pan-Eurasian Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Last month, the new IG FC South Balochistan, Major General Bilal had China’s role in “crushing” the Baloch freedom movement in Pakistan, saying Beijing has given him a six-month task to end the freedom struggle by Baloch people. The Pak General said  that China had paid him a salary and a large sum of money and officially posted him there for their regional interests.

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Bilal had reportedly  claimed in previous instances that the end of the Baloch movement and the success of CPEC is very important for Pakistan and China. He also slammed neighbouring Iran for stirring separatism, involving Tehran as a player  that is shaping a highly fluid geopolitical situation.

Baloch separatists have been complaining that the Pakistani government and the richer Punjab province unfairly exploit their resources. "We have a good amount of money for this task, so let us know how much you need because we can't wait any longer for Iran to create unrest in Balochistan, conspire against CPEC and stab us in the stomach in the name of friendship," he told his army, intelligence agencies and supporters.

Watch Baloch will never give up: Message from Dr Allah Nazar, Chief of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF). Courtesy Sangar Publication