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PM Modi to be ‘Guest of Honour’ at Bastille Day Parade in France this July 14

India and France will celebrate their joint achievements of the last 25 years and set common ambitions for the next 25 years during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's scheduled visit to Paris in July (Images courtesy: French Foreign Ministry)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accepted French President Emmanuel Macron’s invitation to attend this year’s Bastille Day Parade as ‘Guest of Honour’ on July 14 in Paris.

The significant visit marking the 25th anniversary of the India-France Strategic Partnership will also witness the participation of the Indian armed forces contingent in the parade alongside their French counterparts.

“Dear Narendra Modi, happy to welcome you to Paris as a guest of honour at the July 14 Bastille Day parade,” tweeted Macron in French and Hindi late Friday afternoon.

The French government said that PM Modi’s visit is expected to herald the next phase in the India-France Strategic Partnership by setting new and ambitious goals for strategic, cultural, scientific, academic, and economic cooperation, including in a wide range of industries.

It stated that France and India have a shared vision of peace and security, especially in Europe and the Indo-Pacific and uphold the objectives and the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, which are also the basis of our cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.

“This historic visit will also deliver common initiatives in order to respond to the key challenges of our time, including climate change, biodiversity loss and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and will be an opportunity for France and India to reaffirm their commitment to multilateralism, including in the context of India’s G20 Presidency,” said a statement issued by the Macron government.

The French Embassy in New Delhi said that beyond symbols, PM Modi’s visit also has strong geopolitical significance considering that, since 1947, France and India have always stood by each other in good and bad times.

“And because of this trust, we have built an incredibly ambitious strategic partnership. From defence to the Indo-Pacific, from space to climate, and more: we work together to make our nations stronger, and the world safer,” it tweeted.

PM Modi Paris

Paris mentioned that when PM Modi comes to France in July, both countries will celebrate their joint achievements of the last 25 years, and set common ambitions for the next 25 years.

“That is the meaning of our partnership: fostering strategic autonomy in all areas and promoting a more just, rules-based world order. We are in this together for the long run. Long live the Indo-French friendship!”

PM Modi’s presence in Paris holds special significance as July 14 is France’s National Day dating back to the French Revolution and a moment for the French to celebrate the values of ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’ which are also in the Preamble to India’s Constitution.

Bastille Day

Every Bastille Day, Paris’ famous avenue des Champs-Elysees hosts a military parade which is not very different from the Republic Day parade on Kartavya Path where France has been the guest of honour for five times since 1951.

“Indian and French troops will march side by side in the military parade in Paris. Such images speak louder than words how close France and India are!” said the French Embassy in New Delhi.

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