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PM Modi makes an impassioned appeal to globalise Buddhist thought to resolve world’s problems

PM Narendra Modi at the Global Buddhist Summit 2023, in New Delhi on Thursday (Image courtesy: PIB)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday made an impassioned appeal for globalising Buddhist thought to resolve the world’s pressing problems.

Speaking at the inaugural session of the Global Buddhist Summit in the capital PM Modi stressed the adoption of a Buddhist consciousness is the only way to resolve major global problems.

His call comes at a time when the world is confronting the threat of radicalisation and international terrorism based on divisive ideologies which have impacted several geographies across the globe.

“It is the need of the hour that the priority of every person and nation should be the interest of the world along with the interest of the country”, the Prime Minister remarked.

PM Modi spotlighted that a prosperous world can only emerge when the idea of narrow-mindedness gives way to the welfare of the entire world.

PM Modi buttressed his appeal to internationalise Buddhist thought by pointing out that the world is facing its most challenging time of this century as there is war, economic instability, terrorism and religious fanaticism, and the challenge of climate change with species disappearing and glaciers melting. In this era of gloom and doom, Buddhist thought presents a ray of hope. “This hope, this faith is the biggest strength of this earth. When this hope gets united, the Buddha’s Dhamma will become the world’s belief and Buddha’s realization will become the belief of humanity.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that the teachings of Buddha have been inspiring India’s core external initiatives including sending relief to the quake-stricken people of Turkey or proposing lifestyles for a sustainable planet.

Highlighting India’s Lifestyle for Environment or Mission LiFE, he said that awareness of lifestyle change can majorly contribute in resolving this huge problem of climate. “Mission LiFE is influenced by the inspirations of Buddha and it furthers Buddha’s thoughts”, he observed.

Global Buddhist Summit

“The path of Buddha is the path of the future and the path of sustainability. Had the world followed Buddha’s teachings, it would not have faced the problem of climate change.” This problem arose, the Prime Minister explained, as nations stopped thinking about others and coming generations. This mistake accumulated to catastrophic proportions.

The Prime Minister pointed out that India as a foundational pillar has consciously taken several institutional initiatives to spread the global footprint of Buddhism. He stressed that in the last nine years, India has been developing Buddhist circuits in India and Nepal. It has also renovated Sarnath and Kushinagar, and turned Kushinagar into an international airport. The India International Centre of Buddhist Heritage and Culture is being set up in Lumbini in collaboration with the New Delhi-based International Buddhist Confederation (IBC).

The Prime Minister said that platforms such as IBC are giving the opportunity to like-minded and like-hearted countries to spread Buddha Dhamma and peace across the globe.

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