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PIA takes severe action against erring pilots

PIA takes severe action against erring pilots

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) said that it had sacked 63 employees last month on various charges, including fake pilot licences, false educational credentials, embezzlement and dereliction of duty, it was reported yesterday.

PIA spokesperson Abdullah Khan said that the actions had been taken in accordance with the rules, The Express Tribune reported.

He confirmed that among the 63 laid-off employees, five were captains, who were sacked over charges of having fake licences.

The PIA fired 28 employees over fake credentials, while 27 employees were sacked for being absent without notice.

Two employees were fired on charges of embezzlement and one employee was fired for incompetence, according to officials.

Besides, the airlines demoted four employees for refusing to work, and held back increments to three employees for violating the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The spokesperson said rules of procedure were followed in the process of punishment, which would continue in PIA without any pressure.

Last month, the PIA had sacked 17 pilots for having 'dubious' flying licences on the order of the federal cabinet. They included 12 captains and five first officers.

The sacking followed startling revelations by Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan, The Express Tribune reported.

In June, Khan had told Parliament that 262 pilots, out of total 860 in the country, had "suspicious flying licences" and would be grounded immediately.

Later, PIA announced that it would ground a third of its 434 pilots..