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Has Pak army scrapped pensions of officers who backed Imran Khan and opposed Gen. Bajwa?

Press Conference of army retired officers (Image Courtesy: Twitter/@engrmianayub)

In a sign of simmering tensions within the military, the Pakistan Army has withdrawn all post-retirement benefits including pension and free medical cover of five retired army officers, including at least one former major general, for being part of the anti-army campaign, The News reported.

The daily website reported that these superannuated officers were found campaigning against the army.  It added that these officers had been penalized under the Official Secret Act. They had apparently “gone out of line,”  and had peddled propaganda against the military.

India Narrative had earlier reported that the veterans of the Pakistani security establishment had openly opposed Pakistani army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, and exhorted him to hold elections immediately. Loyalists of the Imran Khan Niazi, they had sought the formation of a Judicial Commission to probe the foreign conspiracy behind the vote of no-confidence, which led to the former Prime Minister’s ouster.

“When the government was changed through an external conspiracy, we retired officers met General Bajwa. General Bajwa had promised us that elections would be held in 90 days. General Bajwa, where did your promise go,” asked Lt General (Rtd) Ali Quli Khan in a hurriedly called press conference outside the Islamabad Press Club on Monday.  The veterans, led by a three-star retired general, said in a statement that as former senior officers they were aware of the US raising similar issues. “The only difference is that these worries are now a reality and are being put into action,” said the statement. 

“We know how Ayub Khan sold Pakistan’s sovereignty to the United States and allowed it to build an airbase in Peshawar. From that day until today, this country has been under the control of the United States,” said Brigadier (Rtd) and security analyst, Mian Mahmood. 

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