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Pakistan praises Kashmiri terrorists on women’s day, but baton charges Aurat March at home

A Pakistani child in Islamabad wants 10 lashes for women who remove Hijab (Photo: Twitter/@SengeHSering)

On the International Women’s Day, as the Islamabad Police was beating up women’s groups at the Aurat March for celebrating the global day of women’s rights, Pakistani social media handles were busy spreading disinformation about Indian Kashmir.

Twitter handles managed from Pakistan, along with pseudo-handles ran tweets saying India has arrested Kashmiri women including Insha Jan, Asiya Andrabi, Sofi Fehmeeda, Nahida Nasreen and Naseema Bano on baseless charges.

It is to be noted that all these women are terrorists who have been supporting Pakistan-based terror organisations spreading mayhem and indulging in the killings of Hindus in India.

The Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) government’s disinformation centre found that Pakistan was making a vain attempt on Twitter to glorify Kashmiri women terrorists who have been jailed for their role in terrorism as well as spreading communal disharmony among Indian society.

For example, Insha Jan helped Pakistan-based terror organisation Jaish-e-Mohammad (JEM) in organising the Pulwama attack that killed 40 Indian soldiers of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and brought Pakistan and India on the verge of war.

Similarly, Asiya Andrabi and her associates Fehmeeda and Naheeda from Dukhtaran-E-Millat have been creating divisions in Indian society and causing disharmony among people by threatening Kashmiri women and youth. Andrabi even threatened Kashmir’s first girl’s rock band for playing music and conducting themselves in an un-Islamic manner.

Hina Bashir, who was also eulogised by Pakistani social media, is part of the dreaded Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), an affiliate of the global terrorist organisation ISIS. Bashir has been booked for her role in creating enmity among religious communities and using communal protests to provoke Muslims against India.

Pakistan also tweets about Naseema Bano who was arrested in June 2020 for her role in recruiting youth for terror activities and arranging for arms and ammunition for terrorists and terror organisations. Her own son Tauseef Ahmad Sheikh was a known terrorist and the mother and son duo used to flaunt automatic weapons.

Pakistan ran a baseless social media campaign against India on the International Women’s Day just days after a US NGO published a report on how Pakistani security agencies have been abducting and killing Baloch women for keeping their independence movement alive. Balochistan, Pakistan’s largest and its poorest province has been running a seven-decade long battle for freedom from Pakistan.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s track record against its minority women has been exceptionally poor. In January this year the UN had castigated Islamabad for its policy of abducting Hindu and Christian girls, sexually assaulting them and forcefully converting them to Islam. Last year the UK had sanctioned Muslim clergyman Mithoo Mian involved in industrial scale rapes of minority girls and forcibly converting them to Islam.

For decades Pakistan has run a relentless campaign to set-up terror organisations, provide radicals with weapons and training and push them into India to kill Hindus. Just a few weeks back, terrorists had identified Hindu families and shot them dead in Jammu. They also planted explosive devices which killed Hindu children.

In Kashmir too Pakistani terrorists went on a killing spree after identifying their non-Muslim targets – Hindus as well as Sikhs.

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