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Pakistan meddles in India-China dispute

Pakistan meddles in India-China dispute

The last 100 hours have been quite eventful as far as the face-off between India and China in Ladakh is concerned. But, even as the governments and armies of both the countries continue to have talks to end the stand-off, there’s another nation — Pakistan — unduly getting a lot more excited at the turn of events along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Pakistan creating all the hullabaloo on Sino-Indian ties is just like ‘begaani shaadi mein Abdullah diwana’ (a stranger getting too charged up and involved in somebody else's marriage).

The translation isn’t for the people of Pakistan.

Everyone across the border understands what the adage means — they’ve heard it in the form of a song too in the 1960 blockbuster <em>Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai</em> starring Raj Kapoor and Padmini.

But Pakistan still can’t resist itself from poking its nose into bilateral affairs of two big powers of the world, let alone Asia.

Speaking to Geo TV Wednesday, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi accused New Delhi of “threatening regional peace via its aggressive attitude” and then offered unsolicited advice to India to exhibit “responsible behavior” in Ladakh.

A few hours later, Qureshi’s boss, Prime Minister Imran Khan, took to Twitter and said that the Modi government is becoming “a threat” to India’s neighbors Bangladesh (through Citizenship Act) and Nepal, China and Pakistan (through border disputes).

Pakistan calls China its all-weather strategic partner, an ‘iron brother’, and what Khan and his Foreign Minister are doing is nothing but scoring some brownie points.

Just few are interested in what they are blabbering right now.

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Instead of targeting India, or meddling in its affairs, Pakistan should be really concerned about the scathing observations made by Alice G. Wells, the outgoing US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian affairs.

In a farewell video conference with journalists, Wells raised some serious concerns about China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): "I've enumerated my concerns and the United States Government’s concerns over CPEC—over the lack of transparency involved in the projects, over the unfair rates of profit that are guaranteed to Chinese parastatal organizations, to the distortions that it’s caused in the Pakistan economy, including by the massive imbalance in trade that Pakistan now has with China.”

She went on to say that “at a time of crisis like Covid-19, when the world is reeling from the economic consequences of having shut down parts of the economy, it is really incumbent on China to take steps to alleviate the burden that this predatory and unsustainable and unfair lending is going to cause Pakistan. So we certainly hope that China will join in either waiving debt, renegotiating these loans, in creating a fair and transparent deal for the Pakistani people.”

Pakistan, meanwhile, continues with its foolhardiness of purposely ignoring its internal reports and the expert advice.

Imran Khan and Co. are just happy to continue with making fake memes and unleashing false propaganda on social media against India not realizing that the red flag they’re mockingly displaying in Indian territories has actually been unfurled in many provinces at home, all the way from up north till Gwadar..