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Pak fails to raise K-issue in talks with EU

Pak fails to raise K-issue in talks with EU

On a day the Jammu & Kashmir administration allowed unrestricted internet access for the people of India’s northernmost state bringing further normalcy, Pakistan once again failed badly to rake up the Article 370 issue in foreign media.

Little would have Androulla Kaminara, the first female European Union (EU) envoy to Pakistan, realized that Kashmir issue will be raised out of the blue by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi when they both met in Islamabad Wednesday. Trade and political dialogue between the EU and Pakistan was the agenda of the day; as such, the issue of Kashmir was unthinkable.

However, midway through the meeting—while discussing the action plan of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)—Qureshi, quite infamous for his antics, tried to chip in with his favorite topic: the alleged human rights violations by the Indian Army in Kashmir.

Reports emerging from Pakistan said that the Minister even tried to draw the EU Ambassador’s attention to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Much to the disappointment of Qureshi, who tried hard for a reaction, Kaminara didn’t budge and stuck to the agenda of the meeting.

And quite rightly so.

Experts reckon that instead of crying hoarse over Kashmir, which most of the world leaders believe is experiencing normalcy after decades of violence, Pakistan should actually now be really concerned about its continued inclusion in FATF grey list.

“The announcement is credit negative for Pakistani banks because it raises questions about potential additional restrictions relating to banks’ foreign-currency clearing services, as well as their foreign operations,” credit rating agency Moody’s had warned Pakistan last week.

Maybe, just maybe, Kaminara was able to clear the distorted vision of Qureshi..