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Pak Army escalates attack on ex– PM Imran Khan, debunks foreign conspiracy theory to remove him

Pak Army escalates attack on ex-- PM Imran Khan, debunks foreign conspiracy theory to remove him.

The Pakistani army once again warned the former prime minister Imran Khan from politicising the country’s military. The army also made it plain  that the  word “conspiracy” did not feature in the statement following the National Security Committee meeting chaired by the then the PM Imran Khan. The foreign conspiracy theory was therefore an afterthought, implying that its usage was opportunistic, to evade removal by a no-confidence motion.

Watch : Press Conference Of The Pak army spokesperson

Director general of ISPR, Pakistani army’s media wing, Major General Iftikhar Babar rubbished  accusations of “conspiracy” behind Imran Khan Niazi’s  ouster when he was asked  if the word “conspiracy” was discussed in the National Security Committee meeting.

“There was no mention of “conspiracy” in the national security meeting or its minutes,” said Babar countering claims by Imran Khan. He made it clear that there was no foreign conspiracy against Imran Khan and there was not any foreign regime behind any conspiracy plot.

He said the minutes of the NSC meeting can be declassified if the government decides.

In the press conference, the army spokesperson acknowledged that there was pressure from Imran Khan to save his government or impose  martial law.

“Pakistan's progress is in democracy, there will never be martial law in the country,” said Major Gen Babar adding that “a better word than 'neutral' is “apolitical” for describing our role”.

When asked, the army spokesperson revealed that the former prime minister Imran Khan had approached the army chief to help find a solution to the political crisis.

“So the army chief and DG ISI went to the PMO and three scenarios were discussed," he said, recalling that one was that the no-confidence motion should be held as it was. The other were that the prime minister resigns or the no-confidence motion was retracted and the assemblies were dissolved but the establishment asked him to follow the constitution of the country.

"This decision was not taken to harm or benefit anyone. This is the constitutional role of armed forces which we are trying to fulfil,” He said.

He also said that the Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa never asked Imran Khan for any further extension and will retire on the due date on November 29 this year.

“The COAS  never went to Imran Khan asking for an extension. COAS is neither seeking extension of tenure nor will he accept one,” says Major Gen. Babar.

This was the first time when the Pakistani military establishment came out open narration of its version  after Imran Khan’s ouster following a month-long high voltage  drama.

Maj. Gen. Babar said a "malicious campaign is being run against the army and its leadership, using even deep-fake technology."

"There is an engineered movement designed against the Pakistan military", he warned, adding that character assassination of the military on the basis of rumours is not tolerable under any circumstances.

Talking about the Corps commanders conference, Maj Gen Iftikhar Babar told the media  that the formation commanders expressed confidence in the steps taken for the country's security, especially on account of international security and the Pakistan Army's role in upholding the rule of law.

"All of them agreed that democracy, strength of institutions and rule of law and all the institutions working within the constitutional limits is the guarantor of national interest," he said.

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