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Man in Japan pays Rs 18 lakh to look like a wolf

The Wolf Man of Japan (Photo: Instagram/Zeppet)

In a bizarre case, a man in Japan transformed himself to look like a real wolf walking on hind legs. He spent 3,000,000 yen (Rs 18.5 lakhs) for his customised costume from a company called Zeppet.

The customer, who has requested anonymity, said he wanted to look like a wolf because of his love for animals since childhood. ”

The man visited the Zeppet studio several times for his fittings and measurements and the company took fifty days to complete the outfit.


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The man was highly satisfied and said he was amazed to see the transformation in a mirror.

“It was a moment when my dream came true. My order to ‘look like a real wolf walking on hind legs,” he remarked.

The man said, “Not only did the outfit perfectly cover all of my preferences, but the ventilation slit also made it comfortable to wear.

Zeppet is known for making sculptures for advertisements, movies, and amusement parks. The agency also provides costumes for famous mascots in Japan and makes TV outfits as well.

Earlier, Zeppet had made an oufit for a man named Toco who was transformed into a dog. He paid Zeppet Rs 12 lakhs for a costume that made him look like his favourite pet dog, a Collie.