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Last CIA base in Kabul destroyed

The detonation of the CIA base was done hours after the Kabul airport attack on Thursday

With the August 31 deadline to withdraw from Afghanistan approaching closer, the US military has destroyed its final CIA outpost in Kabul in order to keep any information or equipment away from the Taliban hands.

The New York Times reported that Eagle Base just outside the Kabul airport was a sprawling CIA center used to train the counterterrorism forces of Afghanistan’s intelligence agencies. The detonation was done hours after the Kabul airport attack on Thursday, further terrifying many Kabul residents who thought that another suicide attack had taken place.

The newspaper said that the base compound was extremely secure and designed to be all but impossible to penetrate with walls reaching 10 feet high.

"A former CIA contractor said that leveling the base would have been no easy task. In addition to burning documents and crushing hard drives, sensitive equipment needed to be destroyed so it did not fall into the hands of the Taliban. Eagle Base, the former contractor said, was not like an embassy where documents could be quickly burned," the report mentioned.

"In the early years of the war, a junior CIA officer was put in charge of the Salt Pit, a detention site near Eagle Base. There the officer ordered a prisoner, Gul Rahman, stripped of his clothing and shackled to a wall. He died of hypothermia. A CIA board recommended disciplinary action but was overruled," said the NYT report.

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