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Lahore HC acquits convict in blasphemy case

Lahore HC acquits convict in blasphemy case

<p id="content">A division bench of the Lahore High Court (LHC) division bench has acquitted a convict who was sentenced to death on blasphemy charges in March 2014.

The acquittal came on Monday after the division bench declared that the prosecution had failed to establish the convict's involvement in the case, reports The Express Tribune.

The convict, Sawan Masih, had filed an appeal against the death sentence given by the trial court.

The appellant raised several objections on the police investigation and prosecution.

Masih told the court that police had registered the case 35 hours after the alleged occurrence, alleging that it showed mala fide intent in the case.

There were contradictions in the story of the FIR and the one narrated by the complainant before the trial court, he contended.

The appellant further said that the blasphemy charges were fabricated by elements who wanted to occupy land.